Call for change

Transforming the back office

As the publishing world continues to digitize, offering a variety of content online, back office functionality also needs to transform. Something Gruppo Mondadori understood. Mondadori is a publishing powerhouse with more than a century-long tradition of feeding the world’s cultural appetites: from books and bookstores to museums and magazines.

Over their storied history, Mondadori has acquired complementary businesses to strengthen their global portfolio. In the process, it grew more difficult to manage human resources (HR) functions—from recruiting and onboarding to compensation.

With an increasingly competitive marketplace, the company needed the best platform to unify their HR function and support their growth strategy. Accenture and Gruppo Mondadori have been partners for years.

The strength of the two companies’ relationship, and Accenture’s expertise in platforms, made Accenture a natural choice when it came to transforming the HR function.

When tech meets human ingenuity

Transforming HR

The work started with a series of prototype workshops to scope the Oracle cloud-based platform that would cover HR processes end-to-end, including learning, recruiting, compensation, talent and performance. Through the workshops, Accenture accelerated development time by applying best practices in HR coupled with their best tools and approaches. One of those, myConcerto, enabled Accenture to propose different options rapidly, without going through laborious requirement-gathering and configuration phases. The Oracle platform implementation created a portal for employees that provides a “one-stop-shop” to everything involved in working at the company. The portal also provides visibility into other areas like payroll and vacation requests. Mondadori emphasized the importance of change management and training to ensure employees could use the portal seamlessly. For the initial go-live, Accenture deployed Oracle’s learning module to ensure there were no hiccups.

A valuable difference

Continuous improvements on the cloud

The new HR platform operates as a service, and Mondadori now enjoys continuous improvements to the system as their needs change. By creating this seamless connection to HR, Mondadori can focus on more strategic matters, knowing their people are getting a better user experience, and shifting from manual, to automated processes.

Underpinning these processes are industry best practices, elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of everyone involved. With the advent of the Oracle system, Mondadori now has one single modern user experience across all HR processes and devices. And the company can deliver more training (37k learning enrolments in 2020 and 11k learning enrolments in the first quarter of 2021) while cutting overall costs by 30%. The COVID pandemic hit after the solution’s go-live and nearly all of the company’s 2,000+ employees were asked, when possible, to work from home.

To help facilitate remote working, Mondadori leveraged on Oracle Learning to develop online training to teach its people how to be more effective working from home. Accenture also developed and released a chatbot in just a month’s time. Its purpose: to provide guidance on any COVID questions and on Mondadori’s initiatives. With the success of the original chat box, Accenture rolled out the Oracle Digital Assistant which covers a wide-range of topics, including COVID policies and other employee health benefits.

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