Hearing loss is a challenge affecting millions of people worldwide. It’s not just the practical difficulties of understanding those around you, it’s the increased sense of disconnection that can ultimately affect quality of life.

That’s why leading worldwide hearing care retailer Amplifon decided to radically improve the all-round user experience for its customers through a reimagined digital ecosystem.

Amplifon wanted a streamlined way for customers to adjust their hearing devices for different ambient noise conditions (such as noisy public places)—a process which can be intrusive if settings need to be continuously changed throughout the day.

It also wanted to enhance day-to-day support for its customers, both online and on mobile devices, in the form of product advice, appointment booking, and more.

The ambition? To start a new kind of conversation with Amplifon customers, offering them a uniquely relevant digital experience while creating a much deeper relationship with the brand.

Strategy and solution

Accenture helped Amplifon create innovative web and mobile applications while implementing a modern and efficient content management system behind the scenes.

The new Amplifon app, the first of its kind to connect to an Amplifon hearing device via Bluetooth, lets users quickly and discreetly adjust their device settings via their phones—a major enhancement to day-to-day quality of life.

It also offers convenient preset programs for different noise environments (indoors, outdoors, restaurant, theater, etc.). Plus the ability to connect directly to compatible devices like TVs or smart speakers. And it lets users book appointments with an audiologist, as well as browse tips and tricks, product information and video tutorials.

Accenture also helped Amplifon revamp its entire digital ecosystem, implementing Adobe® Experience Manager to support a consistent next-level multichannel CX and a range of new web features (online appointment bookings, hearing tests and more).


With Accenture’s help, Amplifon has created an innovative two-way digital experience that goes far beyond competitor offerings. It supports hearing device customers so that they can stay better connected—not only with the Amplifon brand but also with the world around them.

As a result, customers are flocking to the Amplifon Product Experience. The number of active users of the app has increased about 50 percent in under a year. And each user is interacting with the app around 100 times a month on average. It’s clear the app is giving customers something they weren’t getting from previous offerings.

But that’s not the end of the story. Accenture is already helping Amplifon enhance the app even further. Next is an innovative remote care function, offering video streaming conversations with an Amplifon audiologist who’ll be able to adjust the customer’s settings there and then—potentially saving them a trip to the clinic.

Also upcoming is a new chat interface (including chatbot) to streamline customer enquiries. Plus enhanced artificial intelligence-powered performance analytics to offer new optimization insights for both customers and Amplifon healthcare professionals.

Thanks to Accenture, Amplifon is finding a new way to talk to its customers—and listen to what they’re saying.


increase in active users in under a year.


interactions with the app each month by each user on average.

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