Voices of Change – Shaping the change with diversity

Diversity is the for change. It makes us strong and is the driving power behind our innovation force. This is what we experience every day.


Behind every change there are amazing people

At Accenture, our success is based on our employees. Thanks to them, we are drivers of innovation and create lasting changes as well as new values.

To make the change work, we need diversity. Not only does our corporate culture become more unique through the multitude of perspectives but also our work benefits from this. We create an added value that is based on the talent and creativity of our personnel. Our staff members are drivers of positive change. They contribute individually to our ability of making a difference together.

Thereby, we consider all the shades of diversity. For us, people’s sex, generations, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation as well as people with disabilities are all part of this. However, diversity can only lead to success if it comes with a culture of equality and inclusion. This is why aspects such as the approach towards mental health, working parents and a modern understanding of leadership matter too. That is the precondition for our talents to make use of their strengths as much as possible, to feel appreciated and to actively participate on affecting changes.

Creating a workplace for everybody

Thilo Springer is passionate about everything that is related to technical innovations. Implementing software, supporting employees’ development while keeping an eye on the bigger picture – these are his strengths. In 2017, Thilo suffered a severe stroke of fate when he lost his sight in a car accident. However, the accident did not change his passion for digital topics.

“I was lucky that the managing board immediately told me: as soon as I am fully recovered, there is a perspective for me here”, Thilo recounts. Touching and listening instead of seeing, taking more time for individual tasks – these were new challenges Thilo faced once he was back at his workplace.

Today, Thilo remembers these developments proudly and encourages companies to adapt their workplaces more to everybody’s needs. In the video, you can learn more about Thilo’s personal journey out of his usual life and back into the professional world.


Persons with Disabilities

Allowing yourself to press the Pause-Button

After her career in the fast lane Leonie, Innovation Manager and Creative Director at Accenture, deliberately decided to take a time out and to thereby listen to what her body signaled her. During this time she discovered a topic that moves her like nothing else: Mental Health. This topic accompanies her up till today next to her actual job at Accenture as a coach.

If we think about how fast our digital world has become, it is not surprising that we feel quite overstrained every once in a while. That’s completely normal. It is all the more important to also press the pause-button: “In these times, it is highly important to allow yourself a break. Sometimes we need to stop in order to be able to run faster again”, says Leonie.

Talking openly about mental health, slowing down deliberately and accepting help: Throughout the video Leonie provides emotional insights into her personal path towards mental health and the role of the employer’s support in this process.

Take a look!


Mental Health

After a career on the fast track, Leonie, Innovation Manager at Accenture, has decided to take some time off.

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Acceptance is a highly relevant topic

“I define myself by my personality, not by my sexuality – and I think this is true for everybody else as well.” At Accenture, Fabian Jamie Manz feels that he can live and work according to this belief. “The atmosphere is one of acceptance and we have an inclusive work environment. The values of respect and equality are lived here every day. True to the motto Bring your authentic self to work.”

Jamie is simultaneously doing a mediamatician apprenticeship alongside his school degree. In his job, he is using various media technologies and channels, sitting at the interface of administration, marketing and IT. Apart from that, Jamie is also active in Accenture’s Inclusion & Diversity department. He is particularly involved in the PRIDE Network which advocates LGBT*IQ rights and equality.

Every person has the right to be the way he or she is – regardless of the person’s sexual orientation or origin. From the very beginning, a respectful treatment must be given. Therefore, it is all the more important to Jamie that this culture of equality and diversity is not only visible inside of the company but also reflected to the outside world. In the video, you can explore how he is working with the PRIDE Network to raise awareness on LGBT*IQ issues.



Dialogue and engagement are key

At Accenture, racism has no place. To meet the requirements, it is important that we raise awareness, constantly ask ourselves where we stand on the topic, act as a role model as well as to create role models and highlight positive examples by sensitization.

For Leroy Mabikounou, ethnicity is a topic close to his heart. In addition to his job as a Scrum Master, he is the Lead of the African German Resource Group (AGERG) at Accenture –an important community to give more attention to the promotion of anti-racism as it is still difficult for those affected by racism to speak out about it or deal with these issues.

Leroy also has experienced exclusion in his life and knows that even if he has not suffered too much from it, it is different for many affected people. He wants to support and encourage. "That's very important to me and what motivates me in my daily work - helping people to develop personally and professionally," Leroy says.

He is very happy to see that diversity is really lived at Accenture and that it is part of the culture. Therefore, he not only wants this culture of equality and diversity to be visible within the company, but also to be even more visible to the outside world. Watch the video to find out which actions he believes are important and what personal experiences he has made with exclusion.



Recognizing and promoting women's potential

Gender equality has never been an issue for Funda Haktanir, Managing Director in the Strategy & Consulting Business and with Accenture for 14 years. Although the field of Business Informatics is known for being a male domain, Funda's experience has been different. She works with many inspiring women on the client side and on the Accenture side.

Funda moved to Germany from Accenture's Istanbul office a little over a year and a half ago and is now living with her family in the heart of Munich. Since Funda has been living in Germany, she has also been confronted with prejudices, but she never let them stop her on her way. For her it was always important to stay true to herself.

Together with Accenture, she is working to promote gender equality beyond the women's quota.

At Accenture, we consistently promote a culture of diversity and equality. Women are encouraged at all stages of their careers and receive targeted support, as well as flexible working models to allow them to develop freely. "Gender Equality" is part of our corporate strategy and key to our success. For example, we aim to achieve a 50% share of women worldwide by 2025; 30% of Managing Director positions are to be held by women.

In the video, Funda tells us what she thinks about this and where she still sees potential.


Gender Diversity

Our Voices of Change

What you can expect? Staff members who share insights of their individual everyday life with you aby telling their stories. All of them are in a very unique way pioneers of change.


Persons with Disabilities


Mental Health



Gender Diversity

Working Parents

Shape the change with us

We cherish our staff members. Every person is different and has other strengths. We appreciate the particularities and see the potential and enrichment that our differences bring to our company. We want to move things together and we know: Change only works with diverse personalities who open new perspectives. And this is what they can do with us.

At Accenture a lot is possible.

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