There’s AI. And then there’s Applied Intelligence.

You've heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but what about Applied Intelligence?

AI may be the talk of the town, but it's not a silver bullet. That's where Applied Intelligence comes in: It's our unique approach to combining AI with data, analytics and automation under a bold strategic vision to transform your business—not in silos, but across every function and every process, at scale.

Applied Intelligence helps you maximize your existing investments and then extend new technologies across your business. With more than 6,000 deep AI experts and 3,000 data scientists, plus the flexibility to work with almost any technology partner, we can help you evaluate, maximize and scale opportunities as they arise—just one reason why 100% of industry analysts consider us among their category leaders.

With a clear vision and a data-driven strategy in place, you'll gain competitive advantage by investing in the right systems, building responsible practices and preparing your business for tomorrow, today.

By the numbers


of industry analysts rank us in their leader category.


professionals and 6,000 deep AI experts.


data scientists who are industry and domain experts.


studios and centers of excellence.


AI-related patents.


apps and solutions.

Getting started with AIP

We're here to help you scale impact, not investments. Tap into a set of robust and ready resources using our edge-to-core Applied Intelligence Platform (AIP). With a variety of custom industry applications and more than 350 data sources, AIP helps you save CAPEX on costly infrastructure redevelopment.

Manage complexity and enjoy peace of mind
Streamline your solution with a superior analytics stack, IoT protocols, on-premises-to-cloud flexibility, a curated team of tech and IP partners and trusted security.

Automate intelligence and scale impact
Embed AI and predictive models into business operations from edge to core. Improve insights, drive efficiencies and create a data-driven culture with human-centric data visualization.

Increase speed, agility and innovation
Expel technology barriers by leveraging a prebuilt environment and a curation of the best reusable IP assets to rapidly cycle from prototype to production on an ongoing basis.

Case studies

What happens when you bring an intelligent assistant to one of the oldest newspapers in Italy?

Avianca Airlines brings customers a more simple and streamlined way to manage their travel on the go.

We proved that a quantum molecule comparison app could improve Biogen's time to market and cost savings.

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Our leaders

Alliances & partners

These are just a few of the more than 100 alliances we share with technology and academic leaders. Our ongoing joint ventures help you get the most out of your existing analytics and AI investments by working with virtually any technology partner.

Join the team

The world is changing rapidly, and Applied Intelligence is at the center of it all. Work with a dedicated team of big thinkers who shaping the future of AI and beyond to change the way the works and lives.