In Brief

In Brief

  • Innovative technologies give employees today a whole new range of opportunities – and tech can enhance their capabilities.
  • However, most companies still find, recruit and manage their employees exactly as they did before digital transformation.
  • Businesses have to bridge the gap to their employees with technology and a culture that promotes life-long learning.

Digital technology cannot replace humans, but it can enhance their capabilities. That means more fulfilling work for employees, and higher profits for companies. However, they need to do their homework to benefit from these opportunities, as organizational structures are not keeping up with new work in many businesses.


of survey respondents in Switzerland say that employees are ahead of their company digitally.

The people surveyed considered the rate at which employees change their roles and methods a major challenge. As a result, companies have to teach new skills more and more often. In future, far more employees will have to learn new skills than ever before. China in particular, as well as the USA, believes that a lot of activity will be needed in this area in the next three years. By contrast, survey respondents in German-speaking countries reported that most of their employees had already acquired the skills they need in recent years.

Paul Daugherty

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer – Accenture


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