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Robyn Stewart


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Management Consulting


MA International Peace Studies, United Nations Mandated University (2007)
BA International Development Studies, McGill University (2006)
As an experienced hire to Accenture Consulting, I feel highly valued and appreciate that projects regularly seek the unique skills I bring to the company from my background in the international development sector.


I work in change management, supporting Health and Public Sector clients design, track and manage organizational transformation projects. In my current role as Business Analysis Lead, I own the process of gathering and documenting requirements for a large systems integration project. The systems integration project will transform the way our client does business and enhance its ability to serve the public.

In addition to this, I am a lead consultant on a pro bono Digital Strategy project for a nonprofit client serving military families and I have been a Subject Matter Expert on two initiatives with Accenture Development Partnerships, which works with clients in the international development sector.


Something that I love about my work is that no two days are ever the same. My favorite days are when I have client meetings and workshops because I enjoy working directly with clients to identify and solve business challenges. I also look forward to days where I have the opportunity to connect and discuss topics of interest with Accenture colleagues during Industry and Community of Practice calls, online trainings, and in employee resource groups. I feel empowered by having access to a network of people and materials available to me via Accenture’s Knowledge Exchange collaboration platform. I’m constantly on the move and, like most Accenture staff, I don’t have a dedicated office. I attend many meetings virtually and I access resources remotely.

On my current project, I work most days from the client site with my team to identify business requirements before the systems architecture team can start the build. We facilitate workshops with the client, analyze their business, and map out the future system’s functionality. As team leader, I manage the work in a way that leverages each member’s unique set of skills and nurture new skills on the fly so that we can produce high quality deliverables according to schedule. We draw from Accenture’s extensive pool of resources and apply Accenture’s Delivery Methods; so when something comes up that we have never done before, we can identify the tools or talent required to deliver high performance.


I have a passion for international development, poverty reduction, social enterprise and community service. Prior to joining Accenture, I worked with the UN and several international nonprofits on international development and humanitarian projects in 15 countries ranging from Afghanistan to Zambia. I love travel, music, nature, career mentorship and serving my global community.


Jump in with an open mind and embrace the vast range of opportunities that will arise for you at Accenture; there will be many! You will have to do things you have never done before and feel confident in your ability to deliver high performance in areas that are new to you. Remember that you will never have to start from zero. There is a huge foundation of knowledge and content for you to build upon.

In addition to your principle projects, find something to get involved in that you are passionate about, can learn from and can add value to – this is the nugget of opportunity where you will find happiness while creating real business value. For me, I have been really excited about exploring and contributing to the digital citizen services practice and I aspire to leverage my social sector and international experience to make a unique contribution to advancing the international business side of this practice.