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Daniel Marquez


Technology Strategy Senior Manager



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Strategy Careers

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Technology Strategy


University of Toronto, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering – Honours BASc (Industrial Engineering)
“Accenture Strategy has enabled me to explore the transformative impact technology can have on the business strategy of some of Canada’s largest organizations.”


My role at Accenture comprises two main areas of responsibility, one which is client centric, and the other which is focused on the development of the Strategy practice.

My client centric role focuses on taking ownership for the delivery of strategic solutions to clients, that work to bring technology and business strategy into alignment. In particular, I frequently focus on the implications of a changing technology landscape on the Enterprise IT Operating Model.

Within the practice, my primary passion is for growing our team in my role as campus champion for Technology Strategy. The importance of developing and maintaining top talent within Accenture’s Strategy practice cannot be overstated; our team of exceptional people enable us to deliver exceptional results.


Strategy projects tend to present an environment of constant change, with information and objectives evolving at the fast pace demanded by our clients. That being said, there are some common elements that play out daily.

First, communication with clients, whether to ask questions, pose solutions, or resolve challenges, is a critical element of successful execution. This takes many forms, including informal discussions, structured workshops, and everything in between.

Second, collaboration between Accenture team members plays a key role in our ability to deliver. As such, much of my time each day is spent in roundtable discussions with practitioners from analyst all the way to managing director, serving as a forum to openly share ideas and analyze client issues.

Finally, it is rare that a day goes by where an opportunity for reflection and development does not arise. Whether it’s soliciting perspectives from my colleagues on my own performance, or providing career guidance and mentorship to junior practitioners, actively pursuing refinement in how we operate is a mainstay of each day’s activities.


Outside of work, I am deeply embedded in geek culture. From games to superheroes to movies to fantasy and science fiction books to a thousand other things; I am a serious geek to the core.

I also enjoy indulging my artistic tendencies towards both watching and being involved in theatre. Whether on stage, behind the writer’s pen, atop the director’s chair, or out in the audience, I spend a significant amount of time away from my work computer within the four walls of a theatre.

Finally, I have a passion for pro-bono advisory pursuits in support of the Canadian charitable sector. To this end, I consistently engage throughout the year in delivering strategic advice to charities and non-profits, in an effort to support them in their efforts to make Canada a better place to live, work, and enjoy life.


Simply put: refuse to become comfortable. Seek out opportunities that pressure you with the real possibility of failure, and use them to galvanize you to accomplish things you didn’t realize you could.

I’ve always said “Consulting is a place where people who would rather be stressed out than bored can thrive”. My advice for anyone who finds that prospect appealing instead of daunting: dive headfirst into the world of consulting, and start learning how to swim.