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Working at Accenture lets me pursue my passion for sustainability

March 13, 2022

With a double degree in engineering and philosophy, Tamar Jacobs didn’t expect to be working in the economics field. But with a purpose-driven approach to work, she’s found a natural fit within Accenture Strategy, blending technical skills with strategic thinking to work on projects directly shaping public policy. Find out more about her story.

I have a double degree in engineering, focused on mechatronics, and philosophy. Like many millennials, I’m happy to wear the label of being idealistic, so when I started to look for roles, I wanted to do something that would make a difference to people’s lives.

Four days to accelerate your career with practical experience
Four days to accelerate your career with practical experience

Back-country camping in the Kosciusko National Park before summiting Mount Kosciusko.

This led me to Accenture, joining the Economic Insights team in Canberra. I especially wanted to get public sector experience as I think shaping and changing policy is where there is the potential for real change, especially in areas like sustainability and climate change. Like many people around my age, these topics are hugely important to me.

Despite not having an economics background, I love being in the Economics Insights team. I’ve been able to access a range of training to get a better technical understanding of key economic principles, and I can really see how powerful economics can be. It’s a huge driver of change, so being able to create models and shape the direction our government and businesses take is incredibly fulfilling.

In addition, the nature of our work means that every project is so different, so we’re constantly learning. When you’re trying to find new ways to solve problems, the very nature of the work means that you start each project with no idea and need to become comfortable with uncertainty. But it’s reassuring to be able to tap into the extensive knowledge within Accenture globally, for example, reaching out to UK-based experts in energy distribution, or working closely in collaboration with local managing directors.

Creating a clean exports roadmap

As I mentioned, sustainability is one of my key priorities and it’s really important to me to work somewhere with clear goals in this area. Accenture supports me in my choice to work on projects that align to my own values and working with companies that are keen to take real steps to create a more sustainable future.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been able to work on practical, tangible projects to look at things like clean export opportunities for Australia. We’ve created models and economic benefit analysis to explore what Australia can do when the world no longer wants our emissions intensive exports and potential opportunities for a net zero future. It’s been great to be able to take a real blue-sky approach to thinking about what Australia could do.

Knowing I can help to map the future we want makes me feel like I’m doing my bit.

Four days to accelerate your career with practical experience
Four days to accelerate your career with practical experience

Presenting at a pitch night for a start up I co-founded called WeBox aiming to reduce single-use food packaging waste

Driving policy change

One of the other cool projects I’ve been involved in this year has been working with a government department on data analysis and policy benefit modelling on women’s economic labour outcomes. We looked at data of women across a range of ages and socio-economic backgrounds and observed the different outcomes they experience, and the benefits that could be expected from various policy options. It’s difficult to see how women are still disadvantaged, especially after having children, in a way that men are not but powerful to start modelling real commitments to change.

As a result of our analysis, the government is now creating a raft of policies that will help to create more opportunities for women. Again, this project really highlighted for me how if we want to see change, economic analysis is a big driver of making this actually happen.

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