Intelligent Organization Accelerator

What if there was a single powerful solution to reduce the complexity — and rapidly increase the value — of large-scale organizational initiatives?

Making impossible more than possible

Intelligent. Rapid. Agile. Not words typically associated with complex operating model and organizational initiatives. Human-led, data-informed, technology-accelerated, and outcome-driven, Accenture’s intelligence-powered organization and operating model design capability enables companies to make complex decisions better, smarter, faster … and creates sustainable value for the long-term.

Accenture’s Intelligent Organization Accelerator is a powerful ecosystem-based capability that consists of research and data compiled from thousands of end-to-end organization transformations and leading technology partners, enabled by powerful AI and automation tools which fuel the ability to uncover previously unknown organizational insights, expose value and make fast decisions with confidence.

Intelligent Organization Accelerator | Accenture

Accenture's IOA is a transformation capability powered by an ecosystem of people, data, expertise and patented technology.

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How we work

Solving for the specific challenges of org design, M&A and workforce planning, we help companies put muscle in the right place at the right time; drive ways to permanently change how companies work; and enable sustainable cost management to drive growth, profitability and sustainability and trust.

Identify the opportunity with confidence

  • Proprietary data sets, research and technologies to identify and understand opportunities and frame value potential.
  • AI-enabled investigation beyond reporting lines to penetrate the organization and understand the work people are doing.
  • Automation and advanced algorithms for deeper insights, fast.

Power the transformation with exceptional intelligence

  • Analytics informed, tech-enabled experimentation and evaluation of org data to transcend basic scenario modeling.
  • Co-creation and human+machine evaluation to design the future organization.
  • Pressure-testing objective data sets with AI to challenge ingrained internal bias for fact-based decision making.
  • Transition management and realization tracking enabled by leading technology.

Hack the organization for enduring change

  • Ability for continuous mining of unstructured data like email and online activity to paint a truly connected and “live” view of the org that surpasses traditional ERP systems and HR databases.
  • Experimenting, monitoring and adjusting constantly and with agility.
  • Enduring capability of leadership to drive real, value-based and sustainable evolution.

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Value delivered wherever you are on your journey

Operating Model Design. Big operating model choices – from strategy to implementation – made easier and faster through data-driven design, fueling future-ready agility.

  • 9.5% long-term EBITDA growth advantage compared to non-agile companies

Zero-Based Organization. Scenario modeling employed against standard zero-based organization levers to understand the impact on metrics such as FTE and cost.

  • 20-40% cost savings due to automation and elimination of inefficiencies

Organizational Assessments. AI-assisted activity analysis enables prediction of activities for roles and allows a deeper view of time and cost allocation providing companies real-time visibility to understand who’s doing what, when and how effectively at a granular level.

  • 50-70% increase in project execution speed

M&A. Talent selection optimized and expedited with artificial intelligence and proprietary algorithms to rapidly and reliably identify and match talent to roles.

Intelligent Workforce Planning. Workforce decision-making optimized through proprietary analytics that forecast labor demand and supply for multiple business scenarios, recommend the most optimal talent gap fulfillment strategy and build an action plan for implementing recommendations.

  • 7-10% workforce cost savings and additional value from potentially higher revenue enablement

Building organizational agility and resiliency to respond to continuously changing markets and customer behaviors.

What we think

Explore the essential radar that leaders need to see and seize the future.

Three quarters of businesses report increased disruption from shifting customer demands and new competitors. Yet their operating models aren't changing at pace.

Organization and talent approaches should vary for common deal types, using technology to accelerate and sustain M&A value.

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