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Key trends

Ransomware actors test new extortion methods

Ransomware actors are expanding data leak extortion and devising new methods to pressure victims. Response options are becoming more complicated.

Cobalt Strike is on the rise

The current high-profile success of Cobalt Strike abuse means the tool’s popularity is growing —a trend that will almost certainly continue through 2021.

Commodity malware can invade OT from IT space

High-volume crimeware is a danger at the endpoint, enabling further intrusions within a victim network that can threaten both IT and OT systems.

Dark Web actors challenge IT and OT networks

Threat actors meet in forums to increase their pressure tactics, learn how to bypass security protections and find new ways to monetize malware logs.

About the Authors

Howard Marshall

Managing Director – Accenture Security, Global Cyber Threat Intelligence Lead

Valentino De Sousa

Senior Principal – Security Innovation

Christopher Foster

Senior Principal – Security Innovation

Jayson Jean

Senior Manager – Accenture Security

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