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The new cloud imperative in capital markets

October 28, 2020


In brief

Capital markets at a crossroads

Today, most technical innovation is delivered or enabled by public cloud-based technology.

The state of cloud in capital markets today

Why should capital markets firms move to cloud?

New revenue streams

Cloud can align business propositions and products closer to clients’ needs and shorten time to market.

Improved customer, client and employee experiences

Cloud’s speed, agility and responsiveness help employees collaborate and innovate, and improve the experience and service for clients.

Reduced costs

Cloud can significantly optimize spend on infrastructure, maintenance, licensing and software, while allowing scaling up and down to meet demand.

Business agility

Cloud facilitates easier integration of third-party applications and services, enabling streamlining of systems and more integrated client services.

Assessing time to value for cloud adoption

Estimated time to value for cloud architectural patterns and use cases

Source: Accenture Research

Accenture is investing $3 billion over the next three years to enable our clients to rapidly become CLOUD FIRST businesses.

Barriers to overcome

Cloud transformation top challenges

Source: Accenture Research; percentages refer to barriers cited within the top 3 challenges

Steps to take

Governance, drive and investment funding

Keeping the focus on the overall goal and strategy despite any short-term conflicts between priorities.

Security and compliance

Confirming these are major considerations in everything from architecture to engineering to operations.

Training and culture

Focusing on training existing resources, augmented with specialized skills from partners at initial or critical stages of the journey, and applying agile ways of working.

Architecture and engineering

Integrating cloud services into existing processes and technology stacks, from core application build to underlying guard rails for cloud usage.

About the Authors

David Treat

Global Metaverse Co-Lead and Innovation Incubation Group Lead

Michael Werder

Managing Director – Technology Strategy & Advisory Lead, Financial Services DACH

Abhijit Akhawe

Managing Director – Capital Markets​

Sandip Sinha

Associate Director – Capital Markets