In brief

In brief

  • AI can drive new economic value for a business.
  • AI can drive growth by extending the role of automation, augmenting human expertise, and diffusing innovation throughout business and society.
  • It’s vital to start with a clear business case. Ask not what the technology can do, but what outcomes you want it to help you achieve.

AI has the potential to drive new economic value for a business, but it can be hard to prioritize where and how to put it into practice.

Breaking the opportunities down into three avenues helps offer some clarity. That means thinking about how AI can help your employees work more productively through greater automation. It means considering how you can help them do new things and work in new ways by augmenting their expertise with AI. And it means accounting for the way AI can diffuse innovation throughout a business and beyond.

The new frontier of automation. AI can take automation beyond merely rote, rules-based work, right into the areas we currently believe always need human judgement. That opens up a huge number of new opportunities for working with machines in new ways and redirecting human talent to more rewarding work.

Working smarter. Machine learning and deep learning can extract meaning from complex datasets so much faster than humans could ever hope to achieve on their own. In areas like medicine, it’s giving human professionals a new armory of tools to make better, faster decisions.

Better customer experiences. AI enables a business to vastly improve how it interacts with customers, whether by powering the chatbots that converse with them any time of the day or helping deliver uniquely personalized and trusted recommendations that create more effective and relevant e-commerce or marketing experiences.

Diffusing innovation. From the automation of complex tasks like driving to the creation of new cognitive human-technology interfaces that require no learning curve, the technology will upend our thinking about so many different industries in so many different ways.

Stat: The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025 autonomous driving will save…

  • 9% of accidents
  • 900,000 lives

So how can your business start your AI journey?

  • Define your strategy and create a roadmap that prioritizes high impact use case.
  • Understand the outcomes you want to achieve with AI versus just looking for places to apply the latest fashionable technology.
  • Once you define your desired outcomes, then ask how AI might solve your challenges, accounting for the cost and resources required and the risks involved.
  • Appoint a sponsor to help change attitudes and drive adoption across the organization.
The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, autonomous driving will save 9 percent of accidents and 900,000 lives.

Ray Eitel-Porter

Managing Director – Applied Intelligence, Global Lead for Responsible AI


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