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Be Yourself.

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Be inspired to explore your passions and cultivate your talents while changing the way the world works and lives. Make a difference your way, working and collaborating with a variety of people, each bringing their own voice and skillset to the table. Meet a few of the people who make us unique below.

“Just like in music, transforming business processes involves plenty of fine-tuning along the way to get things exactly right.”
+ Meet Azlan

The passionate and deliberative musician

My Accenture Operations Moments: Every day is part of a journey we take with our clients, starting at the foundation and progressing according to their appetite for change. I’m part of Accenture Intelligent Operations, where I drive sales strategy executions and see it through until we win the deal. Together with the deal team, we unlock value by leveraging on automation, analytics and artificial intelligence (AI).

My Accenture Career Moment: I am excited with how we are leading with AI, analytics and automation. We are transforming businesses, clients and the world in magnitudes no one could achieve before.

I joined Accenture Operations because: Accenture transforms organizations at a strategic level, on a global scale. The engagements are from top to bottom of the organization, and largely with client C-suites and upper and upper-middle management. We constantly innovate to find and create value for our clients.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: We are at the forefront of transforming how businesses operate.

I lead by: Delivering stronger business value through strategy.

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“A major part of cloud computing is about the ability to adapt to change, just like my backpacking trips.”

Citizen of the world, self-motivated, technology devotee

My Accenture Operations Moments: I’m glad that I chose this career path and exerted effort in learning about the cloud. IT has always been transforming itself, and the emergence of cloud was purposefully built at the right time to address the main challenges faced by “traditional IT.” We are in the best position to solve these challenges.

My Accenture Career Moment: Things get more interesting by the day, as we learn new things and take on new challenges with every project. I’m currently focused on developing my skillset around Amazon Web Services (AWS), and I’m very much excited about it.

I joined Accenture Operations because: Accenture, as a technology firm, leads globally. Being part of it means I have a great opportunity to learn, grow and develop skills to keep on improving.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Accenture, with its industry expertise and global delivery capabilities, is at an optimum position to equip large enterprises to grow. I also work with—and learn from—some of the most brilliant people in the industry.

I lead by: Enabling clients to succeed in their cloud journey.

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“The culture at Accenture really pushes you to find your interest, because if you’re more interested in something, you’re more likely to excel in it.”
+ Meet Paragone

Responsible, deliberative, traveler, family focused

My Accenture Operations Moments: It happens every time we listen to clients. Rather than being a company pushing solutions in search of problems, we focus on using technology as a business enabler. Because we’re vendor-agnostic, we give clients a more comprehensive market overview, which means I have been exposed to more tech, a wider variety of new thinking and a broader suite of solutions than I believe I would have experienced elsewhere.

My Accenture Career Moment: The culture at Accenture takes a lot of getting used to—there’s a steep learning curve as you learn to navigate the organization. But it’s worth it. Everything is set up here to help you discover your passion and grow it.

I joined Accenture Operations because: When my daughter was born, work-life balance took on a new meaning and I wanted to focus less on projects and more on developing solutions and consulting—working with clients to use technology to solve business problems.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Cloud solutions is an evolving technology set and a fast-moving market, which means there’s a lot of new suppliers, new technologies and new thinking to keep up with.

I lead by: Creating teams that get things done, comprising people with different skills and approaches to projects. I encourage people to take responsibility and let them know they have my support when they need it.

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“I wanted to find a good work-life balance so I could be there for my daughter. I found it at Accenture.”
+ Meet Uma

Nature lover, movie enthusiast, avid reader and traveler

My Accenture Operations Moments: Being part of teams that mirror our client geographies, which allows me the flexibility to be there for my teams and clients around the world.

My Accenture Career Moment: Leading teams for some prestigious clients and discovering how technology has been such a huge enabler. We use video conferencing and Skype for calls and meetings with people around the world to collaborate, share ideas and drive new and innovative solutions for our clients.

I joined Accenture Operations because: One of my team members in a previous job mentioned that Accenture was flexible and has family-friendly policies as the company understands that achieving a balance between personal and professional life is key to success at work.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Nine years on, I couldn’t be more pleased with the choice I made to join Accenture. This place continues to excite and energize me daily.

I lead by: Establishing a cohesive team which contains a mix of talents and styles of working. I give responsibility to my people and let them know they have my support when they need it.

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“The power of our collective knowledge continues to astound me.”
Infrastructure Consulting Senior Manager
+ Meet David

Loving (and tired) dad of one- and four-year-old, cyclist, spontaneous

My Accenture Operations Moments: The bulk of my work has been in infrastructure at life sciences clients with a focus on mergers and acquisitions. I realize that by helping clients execute the transactions faster and more effectively, I am helping them focus on what they do best, which is developing life-saving drugs.

My Accenture Career Moment: My background is in data center facilities, but as I was introduced to additional opportunities beyond the Data Center, and now Cloud, I realized the need to be flexible and explore other areas to support my growth. Accenture supported me every step of the way as I switched gears and focused on the new.

I joined Accenture Operations because: We have a great opportunity to grow at an accelerated pace. A true satisfaction in my job is supporting others in their career growth and the accelerated environment at Accenture enables people to grow and develop rapidly.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: Our collective knowledge combines to advance thinking into new areas, even though we might not see it at first. We have created an environment for collaborating, and learning is what enables our success.

I lead by: Putting people first by organizing, supporting and developing team members. I believe this leadership style breeds good teamwork and creative collaboration.

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“My belief is that if we reduce complexity in our lives, it can bring a lot of happiness, cheer and success. This attitude is mirrored in my professional life.”
Analytics Advisory Senior Manager
+ Meet Pramod

Avid reader, respectful, relationship-builder

My Accenture Operations Moments: Digital finance enabled by analytics, automation and artificial intelligence are generating a large change in finance organizations. Accenture Operations is front and center of this shift.

My Accenture Career Moment: Accenture has a strong focus on reducing complexity to bring about a positive impact. I have witnessed and experienced the success this brings to the company, its clients, and, most importantly, to its people.

I joined Accenture Operations because: I moved back to the company to undertake an exciting role that has the potential to disrupt the way Finance operations is run the world over.

I stay with Accenture Operations because: I believe there is a unity between my values and Accenture’s core values.

I lead by: Hiring the best people and trusting and empowering them to achieve success.

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