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‘Knowing how to appeal to different audiences is critical in both magic and organization change.’
+ Meet CHEN
Chen Choon is a performer of close-up magic. To him, presenting a truly intriguing act takes more than just brilliant dexterity. It’s also about the ability to tell good stories that bring effects to life, and to craft different narratives for the same magic routine to appeal to different audience profiles.
At Accenture, the mastery of storytelling is critical to his work in advancing organization change initiatives. For example, he’s currently helping a national oil producer win its people over to the merits of using a new trading risk management system and to instill in them new ways of working.
The greatest challenge lies in engaging employees from three different entities, each with its own motivations and pain points. To address this, he developed a persona for each entity. It is then used as a framework to tell the story of change and to deliver the change experience in a way that’s not only relevant to a specific target audience, but also compelling.
Chen Choon knows that, just like in magic, one is never done perfecting these techniques. And that Accenture is where he can continue to polish his performance. “There’s a vast amount of resources available to transform my skills and expertise.”
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Jeshantaran Sanmugam
‘Autobiographies of start-up entrepreneurs are reminders that what has never been done before can be done—just like digital transformation.’
Jeshantaran Sanmugam
management consulting analyst
+ Jeshantaran Sasha
Jeshantaran enjoys reading autobiographies, especially those of startup entrepreneurs. To him, there is real strength to be drawn from people who have found the will and means to push through major doubts, obstacles, and setbacks to bring their visions to life.
With role models like these, Jeshantaran has developed a passion for helping businesses unlock their potential and transform their prospects, particularly through the use of leading-edge technologies. And that’s exactly what this economics and finance graduate gets to do at Accenture as a management consulting analyst.
In his first project here, and less than two months into the job, he was already in the thick of the action, working closely with a digital banking team to revitalize the mobile and internet banking application of a major financial institution in Malaysia. These would meet—and exceed—customer expectations in the new digital age.
Away from his books, Jeshantaran has found real-life mentors in his coworkers. “There’s a career counselor, who’s also a senior manager in my line of business, to guide me along. The culture is open and friendly too, so I can easily approach anyone for help when I encounter challenges.” That’s how he knows Accenture is where he’ll build an amazing career.
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Rachael Ling
‘The first step to getting to the desired outcome, whether in health and fitness or organization change, is to understand what drives it.’
Rachael Ling
Management Consulting Analyst
+ Meet Rachael
Rachael likes her exercise regime to be fun and efficient. That’s why she practices high-intensity interval training, a training system that alternates between short bursts of intense anaerobic activity and less intense recovery periods. This can be incorporated into any form of workouts to keep things interesting—exactly what she knows will keep her driven.
This Psychology graduate and management consulting analyst at Accenture is just as aware that understanding what motivates—or alienates—people is the key to success in organization change. One of Rachael’s projects involved helping an oil and gas company in Malaysia bring about mindset and behavior shifts in its 51,000-strong team, as it embarked on a transformational journey to entrench digital in the way they work. Together with her team, she turned research findings on social, behavioral, and emotional levers into various communication tools. These include a digital literacy app that chalked up 10,000 active users in just eight months after its launch.
Pursuing a career in talent and organization management is a natural choice for Rachael, who holds a Master’s degree in organizational and social psychology. But why Accenture? “I knew I could contribute to behavioral change projects here. It’s precisely what I want to do in my consulting career.”
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Accenture Sangeev Reddy Thumbnail
‘The world of business and technology is about upping your game with smarter moves all the time, just like in football.’
Sangeev Reddy
Senior Analyst,
Business And Technology Delivery
+ Meet Sangeev
Sangeev is the captain of the football special interest group at Accenture. On the field, he needs to be very aware of how the game is changing to react swiftly and turn things to his team’s advantage.
At work, Sangeev needs to be just as sharp to help the government, the public service, and healthcare organizations leverage advanced technologies to answer the needs of citizens and consumers in this fast-changing digital era.
Essentially, Sangeev’s exploring and implementing new ways to modernize IT systems. This could mean updating systems to new programming languages, or showing clients how they can exploit robotics technology to automate laborious processes and free up employees for high-value work.
To Sangeev, this is a very exciting time to be in the Health and Public Service division in Singapore. ‘The government is rolling out many Smart Nation initiatives. Its focus on using technology to enhance our society is creating many opportunities for a company like Accenture’.
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Accenture Andreu Han Thumbnail
‘Just like in sports, digital transformation is about strategizing and being adaptable to the constantly changing conditions of the game.’
Andreu Han
Technology Consultant
+ Meet Andreu
Andreu is in his element when he’s on the softball field. The ever-changing dynamics of the game never fail to get his adrenaline pumping. When faced with obstacles and setbacks, he and his teammates have a simple strategy for turning things around: no one gives up until the game is over.
This spirit certainly comes in handy when Andreu gets back to his work in helping organizations drive digital transformation and unlock their potential. Bringing about change is never easy, but that’s hardly a problem for Andreu. Getting past obstacles to score a win is his forte.
To Andreu, he’s doing more than just clearing the path for leveraging technology to change how things are done—it’s about creating meaningful outcomes. Like the time he helped a client adopt a new sales tool that successfully increases the organization’s online presence, making it possible to grow its business with greater efficiency.
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Accenture Claire Ng Thumbnail
‘The many different elements of an IT initiative need to play well together to deliver a smooth performance.’
Claire Ng
Industry Solutions & Services Manager
+ Meet Claire
Claire knows how to bring different elements together perfectly. Whether it’s an exercise in getting 45,000 employees—from technicians on the shop floor to executives in the C-suite—to become a digital-ready team or playing in harmony with an orchestra on her French horn.
At Accenture, Claire is part of a group that delivers large-scale and complex IT-related projects for the Energy, Utilities, Chemicals, and Natural Resources industries. One of the bigger challenges involved in this work lies in customizing adoption strategies so that people across different levels of the organization can work towards the same goal in their own ways.
To Claire, this is much like delivering a single piece of music beautifully with a team of instrumentalists. It’s never about getting everyone to play at the same volume and at the same time. It’s about making the most of each instrument’s potential, at the right moment.
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Accenture Sasha Martin Thumbnail
‘Listening, contextualizing, and understanding the problem is the first step to finding the perfect solution.’
Sasha Martin
Management Consultant
+ Meet Sasha
As an English Literature graduate, Sasha has a long-held passion for reading, contextualizing, and interpreting literary texts. She has always loved the challenge of tackling the complexity of nuanced, transcultural texts and communicating her interpretations with clarity and creativity.
It is this strength that comes in very useful at work for Sasha. While working on a project with a client in the finance sector, Sasha was able to wade through a myriad of processes and regulations to fully understand the challenge at hand. Her clear thoughts on the complex issues empowered her to leverage the latest digital technologies to implement an easy-to-use, fast, and secure wealth management onboarding capability.
To Sasha, her work in designing and implementing solutions is all about helping organizations write the next chapter of growth. And she knows she can make this a page-turner, when she’s got the resources of Accenture on her side.
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Accenture Jasmine Seng Thumbnail
‘I’m passionate about helping companies become powerful players in the highly competitive consumer markets.’
Jasmine Seng
Management Consulting Analyst
+ Meet Jasmine
Jasmine is all about efficiency when she’s on the court. As a tennis player, an efficient stroke means she does not compromise her chances of winning a point due to unnecessary movements.
To her, the same theory applies when it comes to companies winning over consumer dollars, as well as consumers’ hearts and minds for the long term. Having the agility to respond to shifting needs and wants in the markets with swift and smart moves is critical to success. And that’s what Jasmine is empowering her clients to do.
An expert advisor and strategist rolled into one, Jasmine is driving transformational change across consumer-related industries. She helps companies think innovatively, transform digitally, and develop the tools—like strategy roadmaps, analytics-driven platforms, mobile apps—to win over consumers’ hearts more efficiently.
Beyond that, Jasmine also synchronizes work streams and streamlines processes across departments to increase workplace effectiveness. This has to happen before the new solutions can deliver the desired results. And Jasmine makes sure of that.
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