Alexa Barna

Digital Tech Developer Associate


"Accenture caught my attention by offering opportunities to work with new technologies, artificial intelligence, robots and many more."

What I do

My experience as an intern in Accenture was really fulfilling as I got a glimpse of the development process of an application. Working in such environment helped me grow and enrich my technical skills as well as the soft ones. Having to present our projects in front of the company and getting in touch directly with clients made us step out of our comfort zone. The team was amazing and welcoming, always helping us overcome our blocking issues. Accenture showed us the benefits of working in Industry X and made us feel enthusiastic about being a part of its future.

My first project implied working with a new low-code platform for developing applications called Mendix. The challenge was to solve a problem in which way we believe it’s best, using the tools at hand. Further on, after the internship I continued working on the same project, being exposed to what a full stack developer faces every day. I became more familiar with the project’s flow, team dynamics, daily meetings, calls and so on.

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A day in my life

A day in my life unfolds in a very pleasant way as the tasks that I am working on push me to learn and develop new skills. Also, I encounter people that inspire me at every corner. My team is honest, reliable, and succeeded to make me feel like I belong. All these circumstances make me grateful to be a part of such a great business. In my spare time I enjoy collecting records, dancing and exploring nature.

I recently joined an educational program for young girls with the purpose of opening their perspectives to the technical field, teach them to build and program robots. I am really looking forward for this experience as it had great success in the past and girls seem really excited and enthusiast to keep learning.

"I encounter people that inspire me at every corner."

My advice

I like to think about this quote as being a solution to dilemmas, be them related to work or just ourselves. One might stumble upon problematic situations and the solution might be just a different approach, the act of withdrawing oneself from the context and stating the problem differently might lead to stunning results. As they say “perception is key” so we can choose our attitude towards failure, happiness or sorrow. Regarding work, this can be a very good approach to many situations where the obvious solution might not represent the desired outcome, but what if the question is wrong?

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