Financial Services: Services Overview

Accenture offers financial services industry services in Czech Republic to financial services companies looking to achieve high performance.


Financial services companies compete in a flat world where, more than ever before, competitors are intense, customers are savvier and the market place is less forgiving. Banks, insurers and capital markets companies must perform at the highest levels so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders.

Why Accenture
In the global banking landscape, banks must position for growth on the rebound to compete and achieve high performance. Accenture has the global capabilities to help clients succeed by tapping a reservoir of consulting, technology and outsourcing services complemented by deep financial services industry expertise.

Competing in the requires companies to set a new course. The speed of recent change has shown the need for companies to continuously evaluate all parts of their business, adapt their positioning and review their business model to stay successful. Accenture leverages its understanding of high performance to help capital markets firms compete effectively.

Accenture is helping create a very different insurance future. Profound and unstoppable forces are shaping the landscape. Accenture answers with innovative insurance solutions using consulting, outsourcing, technology and software—making our clients high-performance businesses.

Specific Services


Business Solutions

•  Core Banking Transformation Services

•  Cost Reduction and Banking Efficiency Services

•  Credit Services

•  Digital Deposits

•  Finance Transformation Services

•  Front Office Transformation Services

•  Mergers and Acquisitions Services in Banking

•  Payments Services

•  Risk and Regulatory Management for Financial Services

Outsourcing Services

•   Application Outsourcing for Financial Services

•   Business Process Outsourcing


•  Alnova Financial Solutions&trade
•  Microsoft Solutions for Banking

•  SAP Solutions for Banking


•   Service Oriented Architecture for Banking

Capital Markets

Core Trading and Settlement Services

•   Helping clients transform their front-, middle- and back-office trading operations and risk management departments

Exchange and Clearing Services

•   Helping exchanges and clearing institutions respond to the challenges of globalization

Wealth and Asset Management Services

•   Creating next-generation business models for wealth and asset management clients


•  Mergers & Acquisitions in Capital Markets •  Capital Markets Alliances 
•  Capital Markets Center of Excellence

Cross-financial Services

•   Risk & Regulatory Management for the Financial Services Industry

•   Talent & Organization Performance

•  Application Outsourcing for Financial Services

•  Business Process Outsourcing

•  Data Quality Solution for Risk and Regulatory Management


Business Solutions

•  Claims Services

•  Finance and Administration Services

•  Human Resources and Learning Services

•  Insurance High Performance Process Excellence Tool

•  Life Insurance Services

•  Marketing, Sales and Distribution Services

•  Mergers and Acquisitions Services

•  Policy Services

•  Policy Services for Life & Annuity Insurers

•  Policy Services for Property & Casualty Insurers

•  Risk and Regulatory Services

•  Sourcing and Procurement Services

•  Underwriting Services

Outsourcing Services

•  Accenture Claims Outsourcing Services
•  Accenture Insurance BPO Services
•  Cross-Industry Outsourcing Services
•  IT Outsourcing Services


•  Accenture Claim Components Solution

•  Accenture Insurance Configuration Component Solutions

•  Accenture Insurance Software Solutions

•  Accenture Insurance Solution for Property & Casualty Insurers

•  Accenture Life Insurance Platform (formerly NaviSys)

•  Accenture Underwriting Components


•  Application Outsourcing for Financial Services