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Web Developer Senior Analyst

Job Location: San Jose

Regional Description: Costa Rica

Job Number: 00595893


- Job description

Support design, build and test web-based applications for various site components and edit site content. Program the codes that dictate web page elements for positioning, styling and sizing information. Create and manage web pages, add/edit content and upload/remove documents using CMS or platforms, using semantic markup language i.e. HTML5/CSS/JS, to turn static Photoshop designs into working web pages or emails.
  1. HTML (HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML 5)
  • Performing updates of HTML copy and images using an already installed CMS
  • Development of HTML layouts from scratch using HTML5
  • Knowledge of web development basic standards on HTML5
  1. CSS (CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 Cross browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation)
  • Knowledge of web development basic standards in CSS
  • Knowledge of concepts like resets, pixel perfect, cross-browsing
  • Perform fixes in CSS
  • Develop CSS stylesheets from scratch
  • Basic knowledge in CSS selectors and CSS3 properties (round borders, gradients, nth-child, etc.)
  1. JS (DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks: jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS)
  • Basic JavaScript knowledge (variables, statements, functions, operators)
  • Intermediate level experience with jQuery or similar framework (selectors, events, effects, animations)
  1. Image Manipulation
  • Resize, cut images
  1. Front-End Tools
  • Experience using web development and testing tools: Chrome Developer Tools, Firebug or Web Developer Tools for other browsers
  1. Unit Testing / Quality Assurance
  2. CMS Templating
  • Editorial Capability: add, update or remove content and images
  • Basic CMS building and module configuration
  • Graduate from a software engineer or web developer career or technical program or at least 4 year of proven experience as a web developer.
  • Experience building interactive web sites following best practices like unobtrusive JavaScript events and responsive grids.
Academic Background
  • Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Web Development
  • Software Engineer
  • Information Technology

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