Mercedes-Benz: Driving innovation and better online customer experiences in the cloud

To maintain their commitment to deliver the industry’s best customer experiences, the teamed with Accenture to create a unified digital presence and a much faster content-delivery capability. Together, they re-imagined digital marketing and sales solutions for their customers across the globe.


Mercedes-Benz’s leaders recognized that it had a fragmented and inefficient online presence, with multiple customer facing views and online portals. They set out to unify its environment and believed that the cloud would enable them to roll out new content, functionality and features–such as its car configurator and test drive booking app–more quickly.

The company worked with Accenture and Amazon Web Services to bring its vision of a unified online experience to life through a consolidated cloud-based solution in order to meet customer demands. The solution was deployed within four months, to 18 countries – with more than 30 additional markets planned.

Mercedes-Benz now has one consistent face to deliver engaging and relevant experiences to customers, with the ability to continually improve services. Over three million unique visitors access the solution each month, and the number of happy customers only continues to grow.

“The Accenture AWS Business Group was formed to help customers like transform their businesses and innovate faster than ever before. With its marketing and sales groups taking advantage of the security, scalability, and low cost of the AWS Cloud, Mercedes-Benz’s digital service is set to become as legendary as its cars.” Niko Mykkanen, EMEA Partner Lead, AWS


The cloud-platform was envisioned to be a domain- and component-oriented framework consisting of a powerful cloud management system, a micro-services oriented architecture, and front-end collaboration tools that would support an ecosystem of internal and external development teams.

Accenture refined the automated processes for the platform and began the rollout. Vertical development isolation, component-based architectures and special enablement programs allowed Accenture to scale teams and dramatically increase the rollout velocity.

Within a four-month period, the team deployed the new solution to 18 countries. That speed of implementation was unprecedented for Mercedes-Benz.


With Accenture’s help, has a cloud based technology infrastructure that is much more modern and flexible than its non-integrated legacy solutions of the past. The lightning-fast provisioning of compute power and container management, has enabled the company to establish a truly agile software development lifecycle that drives fast innovation.

In the coming year, and Accenture expect to expand the platform to more than 30 additional markets. The solution will enable to continually and quickly develop new content and functionality for an ever-growing number of customers. Further, the agile organizational capabilities that characterize the solution’s success are paving the way for greater digital transformations throughout the organization.

“The solution’s speed enables us to continually improve our customer experiences. By bringing out functionality or information as quickly as we now do, we are able to get feedback from customers that much sooner. We can improve on the customer experience by incorporating that feedback into our work.”

– Thomas Seibert, senior technical lead architect