Expo 2020 Dubai

The world's greatest show deserves the world's greatest digital experiences.

As the Expo 2020 Dubai Official Digital Services Partner together with Etisalat Digital, we're working hard to help create exciting, engaging, and informative digital experiences that will connect and inspire. That means making Expo 2020 in Dubai one of the smartest, fastest, and best-connected places on earth.

Expo 2020 Dubai will bring together a world of talent, the very best of human brilliance and achievement, and we're working to inspire and connect people in innovative and creative ways. It's our goal to make the World's Greatest Show a source of inspiration and a lasting influence on all those who are curious and excited about the future. Are you ready? Let's do tomorrow today.

Ready to welcome the world

Mobility, Sustainability, and Opportunity - three themes that will help make Expo 2020 Dubai the World's Greatest Show. Our role as Official Digital Services Partner means we're working to help realize the best visitor experience possible. From creating the digital channels and tools for Expo's participants and visitors, to delivering the backend systems on-site through to advanced future technologies, our goal is to offer hyper-relevant, personalized visitor journeys for every one of 25 million visits to Expo 2020 Dubai.

The world is gathering in Dubai. In partnership with Etisalat Digital, we're helping ensure the seamless design, development, and integration of all of Expo 2020's digital services and systems, to operate on one single platform. It's something we have the experience, skills, and track record to execute having operated as Global Systems Integration Partner for Expo Milano 2015.

Our contributions to the Expo talks series

Where is the future of mobility heading?

A bright future for Middle East travel & tourism

The future of work & education

Realising the Arab world’s potential at PACE

The sustainability imperative for business

Reimagining guest experiences on the high seas

Creating hyper-relevant experiences for guests.

Fjord Trends 2021

2021 will redefine the 21st century.

See people, not patterns

From the front lines of digital advertising

Offers and services

25 million visits - 25 million plans

  • We want every visitor to have that special ‘made-for-me’ moment.
  • So, we’re utilizing data-driven customization features to help Expo 2020 build engaging digital and physical experiences for all.

Seamless experiences built from the ground up

  • Inspirational experiences are built block by block.
  • By implementing market leading digital channel creation and deployment alongside solid infrastructure capabilities including back-end systems we’re offering Expo 2020 the strongest digital foundations to enable the greatest digital experiences.

Experience the Expo before the Expo

  • What’s truly possible in a digitally-connected future?
  • Working with Etisalat Digital, we’re developing a range of digital channels that will give visitors a glimpse of the possibilities before they even arrive at the Expo.

Welcome. Pleased to meet you, one and all

  • Alongside SAP, we’re driving and delivering the backend systems that enable hyper-relevant personalized customer journeys.
  • So, even though we’re expecting 25 million visits, we’ll be able to greet everyone by name.

A brighter future starts today

With Expo 2020 Dubai, we share a common goal of joining businesses, systems, and people in a way that builds a sustainable future in which everyone can prosper.

Connecting the world to the world’s greatest show

  • Bringing the world together is no small task.
  • We’re building and running the technological backbone that will help people from 192 countries join together and improve the way the world works and lives.

Personalized, Immersive visitor experiences

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • We’re creating meaningful and personalized experiences that improve the customers’ visit to Expo 2020 with the aid of a virtual visitor assistant.

Creating seamless operations via data utilisation

  • Data and analytics are the building blocks to enabling a new level of efficiency.
  • We’ve created an intelligent systems platform to help various teams from Marketing to Procurement to deliver optimal performance.

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