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Government as a platform is coming soon to a government near you

Imagine government agencies facilitating collaboration, connecting people and providers, and overseeing public service delivery models that go beyond what we can imagine today.


The rise of government as a platform means that government service delivery will face unprecedented interest from organizations looking to invent new approaches to serve the public. Will agencies act fast to foster the platform revolution? Or will they stand by, watch new players from other sectors take the lead and risk their future relevance?



Seventy-five percent of surveyed public executives believe platforms will be the “glue” that brings organizations together in the digital economy. What’s more, 89 percent think it is important to adopt platform-based business models to better engage ecosystems of digital partners. Here are four platform models with varying communication channels and ecosystems for delivering public services.

Growth Multiplier

The Growth Multiplier for public service

Bernard Le Masson, managing director with Accenture Strategy, shares how the Growth Multiplier provides insight into the role of digital and economic growth, and how this is especially significant to governments and other public service top civil servants as they look at ways to strengthen GDP growth.

Bernard Le Masson

Bernard Le Masson
Managing Director

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Nicolas Monsarrat

Nicolas Monsarrat
Managing Director

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Jennifer Halvorson
Senior Manager

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