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Analytics solutions increase margin for US wireless provider

Analytics reveals root causes of customer churn and enables telecommunications leader to reduce attrition and boost loyalty.


Wireless communication is an increasingly commoditized service in the United States.

To reduce customer-acquisition costs and boost market share, a top US telecommunications leader providing voice and data to tens of millions of subscribers turned to Accenture for advanced analytics solutions. The scope included analysis of root causes of customer attrition and applied targeted strategies to reduce customer "churn". The scope covered all service channels and related processes to strengthen customer loyalty.

Network Analytics from Accenture

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Accenture Analytics went beyond the ordinary approach by front-end-loading analytics with hypotheses about why customers tend to leave. Along with gathering historical data, our skilled team members captured the knowledge of company leaders and Accenture specialists in telecommunications and churn.

We industrialized the process for capturing and prioritizing hypotheses, which provided a continuous pipeline of ideas on ways to diminish churn in each customer segment.

By employing a well-integrated and transformational approach, Accenture is providing analytics-powered

insights for multiple teams to enable:

  • The marketing group to design optimal treatments for churn “hot spots.”

  • An integrated Churn Command Center (spanning analytics, customer segmentation and execution) to prioritize and measure progress toward performance targets.

  • The delivery-channels team to execute across the Web, phone, direct marketing and at retail touch points.

  • The change team to motivate all people involved to focus on customer retention and improved loyalty.


Within nine months, Accenture analyzed more than 150 hypotheses and helped launch more than 25 churn-reduction campaigns.

Accenture Analytics proved to be instrumental in helping the client reduce customer attrition, and the client retained or gained tens of thousands of customers, and also significantly boosted revenues.

The company now has an enduring, cross-functional capability for customer retention, completed in less than 12 months. That's high performance.

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