Paving the path of possibility

Telefónica drives growth by reimagining the customer experience.


Traditional telcos are almost indistinguishable—same services, different day—resulting in stagnant growth. Customers are constantly shopping around for what’s next, thanks to competition from born-digital market entrants and a growing demand for new services and immersive experiences. In an age of unprecedented disruption where brands cater to customers, telcos must adapt quickly or risk losing even long-time loyalists.


Telefónica has millions of subscribers. But to retain their business and attract new customers, the brand needed to understand them as individuals. Diving into their digital routines and creating a seamlessly personalized omnichannel experience based on their needs was imperative to growth. Rising to the challenge, Telefónica set out to become the telco of the future through digital transformation—from phone and data to smart services.

This enterprise transformation called for a commercial refocus: Investing in digital solutions and insight discovery would not only improve the customer experience, it would also help Telefónica identify cost efficiencies and build new services to keep customers coming back for more.


Analysis of the customer and prospect sales journey revealed an opportunity to optimize digital marketing and sales. Telefónica partnered with Accenture to design a secure digital environment that helped them anticipate customer expectations and quickly adapt to changing market conditions. Across every channel, brand offers and interactions are now customized to individual preferences.

Continuous adaptation is also key. End-to-end analytics allow for better understanding of the entire customer journey, from lead generation and website traffic to conversion, provision and service. This increased insight helps to convert leads into sales more efficiently, with high levels of customer satisfaction.

“Accenture collaborated with Telefónica in the development and transformation of our digital agenda. Its digital capabilities and expertise have been a clear catalyst for our digital strategy, helping us to get closer to our customers and to continue to make great strides in becoming the telco of the future.”

Chief Commercial Digital Officer of Telefónica S.A.

"This project shows how Accenture is collaborating with Telefónica to build capabilities that create remarkable digital experiences, resulting in an enhanced digital relationship between Telefónica and its clients. This is a big step in transforming the way we connect with the customer to compete in the market today.”

Managing Director Accenture Consulting

Analytics also help Telefónica identify new customer needs and launch innovative services to meet them at speed.


Focusing on SEO, SEM, social campaigns, and paid media, Accenture Interactive brought best-in-class digital tools and design to create a holistic customer experience across all touchpoints.


Using a service design approach, Accenture’s Fjord team aligned Telefónica’s digital properties with the customer journey to solve problems and improve the overall experience. Melding data and creativity, they employed analytical tools to understand user behavior and optimize design based on KPIs and real-time evaluation.


Content was optimized and personalized to increase qualified traffic. The centralization of assets and production expertise accelerated content rollout and streamlined global distribution, helping Telefónica complete the sales process more effectively.


End-to-end analytics based on anonymized data monitored the customer journey from traffic generation to conversion, where sales were optimized through digital assistant platforms and call center support.


Today, Telefónica offers a leading customer experience: relevant, consistent, personalized, responsive, and agile, powered by state-of-the-art service and web design, as well as advanced data analytics.

Commercially, the transformation effort has reduced acquisition costs and increased website visits—particularly from new users—doubling the conversion rate from lead to new customer. It’s also driving brand growth: More than one million digital purchases were completed as Telefónica rolled out the new experience across the UK, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and Chile.


Telefónica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world by market capitalization and number of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity that is delivered over world class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company it prides itself on providing a differential experience based both on its corporate values and a public position that defends customer interests.

The company has a significant presence in 17 countries and 357.5 million accesses around the world. Telefónica has a strong presence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, where the company focuses an important part of its growth strategy.

Telefónica is a 100% listed company and its shares are traded on the Spanish Stock Market and on those in London, New York, Lima, and Buenos Aires.