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Large Italian utility: Mobile workforce management solution

Read how an Italian utility partnered with Accenture to implement a mobile workforce management solution.


An Italian utility and Accenture worked to implement a Syclo-based mobile workforce management solution, improving coordination between field engineers and office managers, and allowing for mobile updates to their SAP system.

Responsible for a large and complex water treatment and distribution system, the large Italian utility is committed to enhancing its water services, while making a decisive contribution to reducing river pollution in its operating area.


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The utility had identified efficiency and productivity gaps in its business. With outdated, manual and paper-based processes in use across its key operational areas of quotations, meters, networks and plants, the client sought to implement a mobile workforce management solution (based on SAP Work Manager by Syclo) to:

  • Improve service engineer productivity

  • Reduce service timelines and address more customer requests

  • Provide quality service with less manual work

After a bidding and selection process, the utility chose Accenture due to Accenture’s experience with workforce management solutions, and Syclo and ClickSchedule software implementations.


As the Syclo solution was a niche mobility technology, the client leveraged Accenture’s knowledgeable team (in Italy and at the Accenture Delivery Centre in Chennai, India) to help establish solution requirements and oversee change management processes.

Working together, the client and Accenture designed, built and tested a Syclo-based platform to enable mobility in workforce management, and simultaneously implemented ClickSchedule to enhance appointment and work scheduling. In addition, the client and Accenture:

  • Adapted the client’s SAP 6.0 enterprise system to handle document and image downloads through mobile devices.

  • Integrated a third-party reporting tool (Jasper Reports) to be used in quotations of new customer connections.

  • Enabled a third-party graphometric signature function on quotation documents to quicken customer acceptance on mobile-generated PDFs.

The client and Accenture launched a successful go-live with zero percent defects in four phases across the client’s quotations, meters, networks and plants operating areas. This was the first mobile workforce management implementation of its kind at a water utility in Italy.


The client and Accenture successfully collaborated to implement a mobile workforce management solution that enables:

  • Real-time updates to the SAP enterprise system from mobile devices

  • Improved service coordination between field engineers and office managers

A reduction in overtime labor costs and regulatory fees (for non-compliance with service levels) has yielded cost savings. In addition, employees benefit highly from the new mobile solution, as they are now capable of travelling from home to specific work sites without the need to first check in at the office.

Better service to the customer has resulted in a new “can do” image for the company. For example, the utility has now reduced the average service time for a quotation from 10-15 days to 3-4 days. With the successful implementation of its mobile workforce management solution, the utility is now positioned for the journey to high performance in other areas.