Gauteng: A better approach to infrastructure development

GDID works with Accenture to drive more effective infrastructure delivery and support citizens’ social and economic wellbeing.


​The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development (GDID) builds infrastructure for the departments of Health and Education, including acquiring and disposing of assets on their behalf. GDID also maintains facilities for Social Development, Agriculture, Roads and Public Transport, among other departments—serving as custodian for all of the province’s immovable assets.

With Gauteng as South Africa’s economic powerhouse, GDID’s work is immense. At any given time, the Department is managing 13,000+ assets and overseeing 500+ infrastructure projects. The scale and complexity far exceed the limits of a manual approach to project management.

Working with Accenture, GDID articulated its key challenges to identify a project management system that would not only deliver a single view of all projects, but also provide tools and techniques for effective project management. More importantly, GDID sought a system that would support community outreach and engagement.

Gauteng Province is using innovation and digital technologies to transform its Department of Infrastructure Development

We’ve got a structure that is more client-oriented… we have a system that is the best in the industry in terms of construction project management

Bethuel Netshiswinzhe

Head of Department, Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development


With hundreds of projects underway at the same time, managing infrastructure delivery in Gauteng is highly complex. Lack of coordination and effective project oversight had been leading to wasted resources, project over-runs and, perhaps most importantly, public disaffection with government’s ability to deliver what citizens need.

GDID realised it needed a partner to help operationalise the recommendations and best practices within the South African National Treasury’s Infrastructure Development Management System (IDMS) and Standard for Infrastructure Procurement and Delivery (SIPDM) frameworks. Following a competitive process, GDID selected Accenture as its strategic implementation partner.


Accenture worked with GDID to identify the principal challenges it was facing across its portfolio, performing detailed analyses—including a capability assessment, as-is process analysis, system analysis and organisational culture assessment—and capturing findings in a diagnostic report.

Accenture developed a plan for implementing and operationalising the IDMS and SIPDM, as well as addressing the findings of the diagnostic report. The team of process experts worked with GDID to define the business operating model and develop business processes in line with the prescribed frameworks across the entire lifecycle, including finance, HR and supply chain functions.

Accenture collaborated with GDID to select, design and implement the enabling technology to support the new way of working based on infrastructure delivery best practices. GDID selected Oracle Primavera, an industry-leading project management system, as its core solution. With new processes and technology, the Department has evolved into an efficient infrastructure delivery organisation that meets the standards set out in the IDMS and SIPDM.


GDID now has a system that provides the controls and visibility it needs to achieve far more effective and efficient infrastructure delivery.

All activities performed by GDID officials are governed by detailed and standardised business processes based on the prescribed IDMS and SIPDM frameworks.

The Department has also been able to reverse its capacity ratio of 30 per cent administrative and 70 per cent technical staff.

Gauteng Province is using innovation and digital technologies to transform its Department of Infrastructure Development

It gives us an opportunity to reach out to the people because every project managed efficiently and effectively has a positive impact. A multiplier effect downstream into the communities and that means we will be able to touch the lives of our people.

Jacob Mamabolo

Member of the Executive Council, Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development


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