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Eskom: Remote Monitoring
and Diagnostic Center

Accenture helps Eskom implement a remote monitoring
and diagnostic center to achieve high performance.


With over 42,000 megawatts of capacity, Eskom is the tenth largest utility in the world in terms of generating capacity, and produces 95 percent of the electricity used in South Africa.

Business Challenge
Eskom was challenged by an aging energy generation infrastructure, an increasing shift towards environmentally-friendly power sources and the presence of industry-specific skills . In addition, an increased demand for energy in South Africa presented Eskom with a number of problems in returning older plants to active service.

These challenges were further compounded by the client’s limited capabilities in knowledge management and the sharing of leading practices, ultimately constraining Eskom’s ability to sustain performance and support long-term growth.

How We Helped

Eskom selected Accenture to help it implement a remote monitoring and diagnostic center (RMDC), based on Accenture’s global experience and specific knowledge in developing performance monitoring and diagnostic centers.

Eskom and Accenture worked together to analyze, design, implement and test a solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and OsiSoft PI and ProcessBook technologies. The comprehensive solution blueprint comprised all of the individual components and systems required to improve the reliability of Eskom’s power plants and reduce unplanned outages.

Implemented in a phased approach, each part of the RMDC project introduced logically grouped sets of functionalities and technologies. The first phase consisted of basic operator support, while the second phase included an alarm system and advanced support capabilities.

High Performance Delivered

The implementation of the RMDC solution will let Eskom gain financial benefits through the reduction of unplanned maintenance, improved operator efficiency, procedural support during unit start-ups and shutdowns and enhanced knowledge sharing throughout its Coal 3 operating unit.

Specifically, the solution will assist Eskom in:

•  Improving the reliability and availability of its Coal 3 power stations through real-time monitoring of data, improved visibility of equipment performance, early warnings of emerging issues and faster, more insightful decision making.

•  Enhancing its knowledge management capabilities by enabling effective information sharing between power stations, channelling the right information to the right people while retaining knowledge capital.

•  Enriching its operational and technical support by assisting with the day-to-day monitoring and diagnostics activities of the plant operations group, providing experienced support to new personnel and effectively leveraging the experience of skilled employees across all power plants.

By teaming with Accenture, Eskom has created a firm foundation from which to become a high-performance business.