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US Police & Public Safety Services

Learn how Accenture helps US public safety agencies through innovative solutions and technology to improve law enforcement operations, investigations and the level of citizen engagement. 



Navigating in a time of unprecedented change

For policing agencies everywhere, the primary goal of maintaining law and order and protecting public safety remains the same. But delivering on this mandate, is more complex than ever. Police leaders are facing challenging questions:

  • How to deliver services with ever greater speed, efficiency and effectiveness?

  • How to harness rapidly changing technologies for intelligence-led policing?

  • How to build capacity to meet new demands and threats to community safety?

  • How to drive cultural change to strengthen community trust and support?

Change Creates New Opportunity

To address these challenges and build a foundation for the future, police organizations have an unprecedented opportunity to transform. Embracing operational and organizational change, with technologies that turn vast amounts of data into usable intelligence, agencies can better predict and respond to crime, utilize resources, evolve policing strategies, and engage and serve citizens.

Accenture has identified 6 steps to help frame today’s public safety opportunity: “Preparing Police Services for the Future: Six steps Toward Transformation”

Why Accenture

Proven Experience and Record of Success

Bringing together over 20 years of experience in policing services worldwide, with our breadth of expertise across strategy, operations, and technology, we help law enforcement agencies navigate complex challenges and design solutions to improve performance, drive results, and prepare for the new era of public safety.

We assist agencies in:

  • Improving Operations

    • Leadership development & training

    • Resource planning & management

    • Organizational design & performance

  • Capitalizing on Technology

    • Records & information management

    • Data, predictive & video analytics

    • Mobile solutions

  • Engaging Citizens

    • Digital communications

    • Social media

    • Community partnerships

Specific Services

Innovative Solutions for Smarter Policing
Working with many of the world’s largest law enforcement agencies, we’ve developed a range of market-leading policing innovations. With our mix of services, solutions and technology-driven tools, we work with agencies to help them harness intelligence, advance analytical capabilities, and define new ways to improve operations, investigations, organizational structures and engage stakeholders.

Improving Operations
Under the continued pressure to do more with less, police agencies must implement new operating models and technology-enabled tools to evolve work processes, resource allocation, increase collaboration, while effectively managing change.

    Optimize ways of working
    • Feature: Accenture Workforce Optimization Solution
      A web-based application that allows agencies to gather and evaluate data to design optimal resource allocations. Using calculations, scenario testing, forecasts and analysis, police leaders can make informed decisions, quickly respond to changes and maximize resources to meet demands.

    Enhance collaboration
    • Debunking the Myths of Multi-agency Police Solutions

    • Build leadership in change management

Capitalizing on Technology
In a data-rich world, improving systems to collect, analyze and share actionable information when and where needed is the foundation for intelligence-led policing. Advancing technologies can give agencies powerful tools to enable proactive strategies that support more effective response, increased efficiency and safety.

    Empower officers with mobile access to real-time intelligence

      • Featured Product: Accenture Operational Policing Solution (AOPS)
        Is a modern crime-fighting tool that delivers a leading-edge records and content management system, with built-in analytics and mobile capabilities, to deliver what’s needed for today’s world of law enforcement. Learn more.

    Analytics for richer intelligence

      • Predictive Analytics: Smarter Policing Using Analytics

      • Video Analytics: Video Analytics and Privacy: A Way Forward

Engaging Citizens
Citizen expectations are changing. Increasingly, they believe community involvement is essential to reducing crime and that digital interaction has a key role to play in that effort. Making engagement digital and social, police can efficiently share information, interact with, and respond to citizens, and further build trust and transparency. Online, mobile and social media can also improve crime reporting, aid investigations, and strengthen community partnerships.