Pricing and commercial strategy

Helping clients achieve increased revenues and profits through our approach to pricing strategy and execution


By controlling one of the greatest profit levers, we help companies price products and services to improve profitability; accelerate desired pricing competencies and behaviors; and increase their responsiveness to market changes. Accenture’s end-to-end pricing approach enables organizations to take full advantage of leading practices and advanced technologies.


Why Accenture

Accenture takes a holistic view to assess and improve pricing strategy and execution to increase profitability.

We help clients achieve significant revenue lift off of same cost-of-goods-sold, reduce price promotion spending to achieve similar revenues, significantly reduce pricing cycle times, and substantially improve responsiveness to marketplace conditions.

Our systematic, dynamic and repeatable approach extends from understanding costs, defining pricing strategy, setting prices and rules, controlling transactions, and monitoring outcomes. It is data-driven to employ customer-centered and contextual pricing, enabling companies to maximize profits.

Technology-agnostic, we identify the right pricing software solution to meet clients’ needs. Our global pricing team has deep experience implementing pricing software from all the major providers.

Specific Services

Pricing Strategy Development and Deployment: Accenture helps companies develop customer-centric, end-to-end pricing strategies. These strategies are data-driven and value-based to increase overall profitability.

Pricing Implementation and Management: Our closed-loop process includes helping companies identify the optimal prices; articulate pricing policies and distribute prices; deliver accurate orders to back-end systems; and track results to continuously improve performance.

Pricing Capability Development: To build and sustain a strong pricing capability, Accenture helps companies develop the right organizational structure, effectively manage change, clarify roles and develop needed competencies.

Pricing analysis and enabling technology: Accenture provides leading-edge analytics capabilities and effective pricing solution software implementation, from identifying the right software to meet business objectives, all the way through system integration.