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Companies today have been kicking the tires on automation—and achieving value, in pockets. But, to achieve its truly transformative power, companies need to evolve an enterprise-wide strategy. The first step? Understanding where you are today. After all, any map is useless if you don’t know your current location.

Our structured approach helps organizations develop an enterprise automation roadmap, and align automation initiatives with business and IT priorities. We address three key components:


Measuring an organization’s automation maturity and identifying the best automation opportunities is critical to developing and implementing a robust automation strategy.


Infusing automation into an enterprise’s fabric must include building the right automation culture, identifying new automation roles and equipping people with the relevant skills and knowledge, at speed.


Automation offers strengths and capabilities complementary to human skills. Accenture myWizard®, our intelligent automation platform for the enterprise, achieves greater speed, quality and intelligence.


Accenture uses its myWizard automation platform to implement and measure an enterprise automation strategy.

Accenture myWizard® helps disrupt every aspect of the application lifecycle to drive greater business value. With the help of myWizard, organizations can move beyond productivity and cost reduction and focus on infusing greater speed and intelligence into their applications—accelerating business growth and innovation.


No one organization has a corner on innovation. myWizard’s microservices-based architecture allows us to integrate the best innovations from across the technology ecosystem with Accenture’s own proprietary tools and existing client tools and solutions.



myWizard mines multiple sources of data—tickets, application and web logs, code quality, application data, testing coverage, defects and social media data—into a common data fabric to make complex correlations, generate insights and enable deep learning capabilities.



myWizard’s “app store” helps manage automation investments and allows users to access, develop or crowdsource the automation assets and utilities needed. An intelligent recommendation system ensures each project is using the latest innovations. The platform connects all aspects of software engineering, including governance.



myWizard has value-measuring capabilities built-in, including the myWizard Value Wallet. It provides a framework to improve and measure IT and business efficiency gains from using automation and artificial intelligence.



Accenture helped a global beverage company to radically reduce costs and improve business service levels.

We combined our business process-led application outsourcing services with problem management, intelligent knowledge management and system stabilization routines. And, we used our myWizard intelligent automation platform to embed advanced analytics, insight and automation capabilities. The client experienced 65-70 percent reduction in overall ticket volume,
60-65 percent reduction in critical incidents and system availability improvement by 10-15 percent—leading to a reduction of total cost of ownership of several million dollars.


We helped one of the world’s top insurance companies to consolidate its IT landscape to make it easier to integrate future acquisitions and provide consistent service levels worldwide.

The Accenture Cognitive Robotics Solution automated the client’s reporting process for 200 servers and 30 applications, saving 2,000 manual hours per year, while improving accuracy. The Accenture myWizard® platform used advanced analytics to crunch project data and reveal insights that are used by the client’s team for service improvement plans. The results? End-to-end cost savings and up to 18 percent productivity improvement.


Accenture is helping a global telecommunications and technology company adopt more liquid, intelligent and automated approaches to application operations, as they shift to continuous software delivery.

Using Accenture myWizard®, Accenture was able to achieve significant cost reduction, efficiency and productivity gains, including a cost reduction of 24 percent over 3 years. It used Splunk-enabled Accenture Analytics for Application Management to embed advanced analytics, insight and automation capabilities across the client’s IT and business functions. For instance, batch operations automation helped reduce the team size by 40 percent through automation of reporting, SLA tracking and shift handovers. Similarly, customer issues are resolved faster thanks to automating more than 50 percent of the error analysis on customer orders in the company’s CRM, improving stability and accelerating mean time to issue identification by up to 90 percent. In addition, the company has benefitted from improved transparency and service, better visibility into the applications and faster time to repair.


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“Looking at automation through a pure technology lens will prevent it from being embedded enterprise-wide.”

Rajendra Prasad (RP)
Global Automation Lead of Accenture Technology

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