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Digital Transformation Mapping

Transform your organization to take advantage of the digital opportunity


Digital Transformation Mapping is designed to help business leaders answer a number of challenging questions and to engage senior business leaders in the changing world of technology while accelerating the digital agenda.

  • What should our digital strategy be and what is the business case for change?
  • How do we reinvent our business to stay relevant?
  • What is the value of pursuing different digital strategies and techniques?
  • What are our key milestones and the roadmap ahead?

Holistic corporate-wide transformations take a long time to execute. Such transformations are a must, but many revenue lines and products cannot afford multiple years to enter new innovation cycles. The market will not wait. Our methodology integrates business, operations, technology and organization principles to create an actionable Digital Transformation Strategy.

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Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to leverage digital disruption for growth.

In an environment where digital technology drives value creation and growth, Accenture Strategy Digital Transformation Mapping services provide innovative, strategic guidance that can enable a blueprint for digital progress, starting from the inside.

19 percent of business leaders believe they are already a digital business. 59 percent plan to become one over the next three years.

Specific services

Digital Transformation Mapping is one of four Digital Strategy offerings we leverage to help our clients deliver growth and efficiency through digital opportunities. Read more about our other three offerings:

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