Circular economy and resource effectiveness

Innovative ways to unlock customer value without affecting scarce or harmful resources


High-performing organizations are developing circular economy strategies to drive enhanced competitiveness. They are decoupling growth from scarce or harmful resources and developing new revenue streams that add customer value with circular business models.

Accenture Strategy works with organizations on circular economy and resource effectiveness programs to:

  • Develop new strategies, business models and capabilities: To help organizations make the transformation from linear to circular and de-risk the business.

  • Use digital technologies to monetize untapped sources of value to grow sustainably: Identify and monetize wasted capacities, wasted lifecycles and wasted materials values.

  • Increase resource and energy effectiveness, through real-time cost and risk analytics: Understand and identify inefficiencies. Focus on opportunities and core user value.

We also help clients develop deep insights on sustainability issues based on our ongoing investments in research, including recent studies on consumer and investor expectations and global executive opinion on corporate sustainability and climate change.

By better navigating sustainability, business leaders can turn costs and risks into business opportunities.

Why Accenture

Business leaders collaborate with Accenture Strategy to use sustainability as a lens for value creation, in a digitally disrupted world, driving innovation and growth. We help clients to integrate sustainable approaches into organizations' strategies, operating models, processes and technologies, to embrace the rapidly evolving ecosystem in which they reside.

Accenture Strategy is uniquely positioned to help you develop and implement a tailored circular economy and resource effectiveness strategy, monetize untapped value and increase resource and energy effectiveness.

We recommend the integration of three critical ingredients:

  • Viability—to introduce industry-specific, financial and strategic viability

  • Desirability—to deliver what customers want and need

  • Feasibility—to advance technical and organizational feasibility.

"Disruptive digital technologies like 3D printing and connected devices, are providing new ways for companies to become more operationally efficient, delivering customer value as well as supporting and enabling their business models in the circular economy."

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Sustainability Services

Specific Services

We offer organizations support to identify innovative ways of generating customer value along their product or service lifecycle—without the need for more scarce or harmful resources.

We help executives to become transformative leaders, offering advice on how to rethink strategy, business models, partnerships and capabilities. We help steer business logic toward resource efficiency to increase value radically.

Our circular economy and resource effectiveness solutions address:

  • Operating model: Assessing key partners, activities and resources

  • Customer experience: Evaluating customer values, relationships, and channels

  • Business case: Examining cost structures and revenue streams

  • Value propositions: Defining key aspects of the business model, such as performance, customization, brand and price and the impact on value

We help build outstanding capabilities using a specific implementation road map—from product or service design and launch to continuous customer engagement. We guide executives on the use of technologies such as analytics, mobility and social tools.