The reason we decided to start ABOT Technology was because my business partner, Phaswa Mokone and I wanted to make a difference in the technology sector” says Ngwanamatloa Matloa, co-founder of ABOT Technology which she further explains means “A Bit of that Technology”.

Our aim is to illustrate to our clients that with a little bit of technology you can make a big difference in society.

"I love technology and seeing how I can break boundaries and how I can impact the lives of my community. I love the endless possibilities!”

— Mokone

ABOT Technology, which seeks to fill the notable gap of black-owned software companies, is a data-first and people-centric software development company that seeks to improve their clients’ bottom line through predictive business intelligence.

The company has created two of its own applications. Express Plus, a content management system (CMS) which not only assists companies with digital marketing, but provides data management capabilities geared to provide better insight into their data, and Joon, a centralised repository for ESD Programme managers to be able to effectively manage their programme, which was initially launched at the Hope Factory.

"I have always wanted to make a difference and stand out. I hated fitting in. I wanted to start my own business because I love helping and sharing information with others"

— Matloa

Mokone and Matloa joined Accenture’s ESD programme in 2019 after hearing about it from the WeConnect International programme, to widen their network and expand their client base. So far, we’ve loved engaging with Henley Business School Africa team, the Lesedi Strategic Services team, some of the Accenture staff and the other SME companies that are on the programme, says Mokone.

About the Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme

The ESD programme aims to increase the participation of black-owned SMEs. The programme provides guidance in business development, implementation of growth opportunities and creating long term value for businesses. To learn about the enterprise supplier development programme (ESD) and to meet other beneficiaries of the programme, read more.

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