Putting personas to work

Our 2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Study uncovered patterns among bank and insurance customers, who can be grouped into four personas: Pioneers, Pragmatists, Skeptics or Traditionalists.

These personas viewed themes such as integrated propositions, tailored offers, omnichannel services and trustworthiness through strikingly different lenses. But in nearly every case, a majority of consumers expressed willingness to share personal data for integrated propositions, tailored offers, and personalized promotions and pricing.

Banks and insurers should harness consumer data to deliver a hyper-relevant, highly convenient and trustworthy customer experience.

In response, banks and insurers can harness consumer data to deliver a hyper-relevant, highly convenient and trustworthy customer experience. Some will try to do this from scratch, struggling to build offers for “a million markets of one.”

Equipped with our four personas, providers can get a head start by pursuing five steps:

1. Meet core needs.

Expand business models through ecosystems with non-financial vendors.

2. Find the segment of one.

Offer personalized experiences tailored to personas.

3. Receive personal data in exchange for advice and better terms.

Use tailored services as a value exchange for customer data.

4. Match channels to consumers.

Fully integrate physical and digital channels.

5. Build loyalty.

Anchor trust through all touchpoints.

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Serving the unique needs of every customer, with hyper relevance and hyper convenience, might seem daunting. But when banks and insurers find the patterns among their consumers, they can find their way toward offering trustworthy, omnipresent, personalized service.

About the research

We surveyed 47,000 respondents across 28 markets including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China (including mainland and Hong Kong), France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Respondents were consumers of banking and insurance; they were required to have a bank account and an insurance policy. Respondents covered multiple generations and income levels. The fieldwork for the survey was conducted during May and June, 2018.

Piercarlo Gera

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Financial Services Customer Insight & Growth

Alan McIntyre

Senior Managing Director – Banking

Erik Sandquist

Managing Director, Lead – Global Insurance, Customer Insight & Growth Practice


Banking Consumer Study: Making digital more human
Guide insurance customers to safety and well-being
Purpose: Driving powerful transformation for banks

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Financial services consumers want personalized services from their providers. How can bankers and insurers serve a million markets of one? Our 2019 Global Financial Services Consumer Study personas and key findings provide insights that can help.

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Full report: Discover the patterns in personality

Who are banking and insurance consumers, and what do they value? View the full study for an in-depth look at the 2019 financial consumer personas.


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Infographic: Meet the Financial Services personas

Are your financial consumers Pioneers, Pragmatists, Skeptics or Traditionalists? See our infographic for an illustration of each persona.


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Financial services consumers vary significantly based on how they value offers and services. Explore the similarities—and the differences.

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