The Invisible Service

The time has come for OEMs and dealerships to reinvent their service concept for automotive aftersales. Today, customers expect the same kind of service experience offered by non-traditional providers: a hassle-free, transparent and easy-to-use experience. In one word … invisible.

The Invisible Service is the cornerstone of aftersales transformation. It describes an immersive journey, enabled by the total integration of all touchpoints (on- and off-line), which engages the customer in a continuous process: at home, at the workshop or dealer service location, and in the vehicle.

The Invisible Service | Reinventing the Automotive Service

Accenture's video discusses the Invisible Service that is re-inventing the automotive service concept through aftersales transformation. See more.

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The drivers of change

The automotive revolution will be driven by electrification, autonomous driving, connectivity and shared mobility—presenting several new challenges for OEMs and dealerships, especially in the aftersales market:

Declining spare parts profit and growing competition

Growing competition combined with the electrification effect means the OEM aftermarket’s share of part sales could fall.

Managing the need for new competencies

OEMs and dealerships will need to focus on software, sensors and high voltage components rather than mechanical repairs.

Becoming data-driven services providers

OEMs need the right competencies to manage big data flows and be proactive in offering new services, whilst collaborating in an ecosystem of partners.

Keeping up with evolving car utilization models

Vehicle utilization will increase due to the proliferation of shared usage models, increasing the pressure on vehicle uptime.

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At the same time, the customer too is changing as the boundaries between physical and digital, business and personal continue to blur.

Customers now expect a fully comprehensive, personalized cross-channel experience in aftersales.

OEMs and dealerships need to reinvent their service concept by creating an immersive user journey, enabled by advanced digital technologies and characterized by continuous dialog with the customer to ensure loyalty during the entire customer journey.

A strategic shift

OEMs and dealerships have no time to lose. Ensuring profitability in this radically new environment requires them to reinvent their product and service portfolios and revamp their execution—now.

Three strategic changes are key to success:

Make the inconvenient, convenient

Emulate companies from other industries by developing a hassle-free service experience that will benefit the customer and create new value opportunities for the OEMs and dealerships.

Enable the dealer service of the future

Adopt and scale new technologies to disrupt dealer service operations.

Provide a data-driven service experience

Get the right position in the ecosystem and collaborate with partners to rapidly ideate and industrialize new business models and services offered to a more loyal customer base.

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By moving simultaneously in all three directions, OEMs and dealerships will be able to profitably offer new services to a more loyal client base—while transforming their business model to adapt to a burgeoning automotive revolution.

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