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The new battleground: Business ecosystem vs. business ecosystem. Will yours win?

Communications and technology companies realize 70% of their revenue from distributed operations and partner operations, according to recent Accenture research. This is called the indirect channel.

To drive growth, companies now need to transform their traditional partnerships into new business ecosystems where platforms, not products, rule. In an ecosystem, core companies act much the same way as a conductor does with an orchestra. That means working with other entities who serve as each other’s clients, competitors and business partners simultaneously.

Winning ecosystems will need to achieve three goals: Master digital relationships by bringing together talent, reassess channel players and roles and redesign operating models to foster collaboration.

Ease adoption by reducing risks to enable partners and customers, starting small and scaling fast. Simplify the buying experience by obsessing over outcomes and solution benefits, focusing on one goal — grow this new market and their individual businesses.

How? Ecosystems embrace: