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Shared services—Video

Discover how public sector shared services have helped a higher education institution improve their operational efficiency and services while significantly reducing costs.


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This video was taken at the 2013 Public Sector and Education Shared Services Summit held from June 4–6 at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Today, educational institutions face the dual challenge of effectively dealing with resource constraints and managing their growth. Leveraging public sector shared services can be instrumental in driving cost savings that can be reallocated to meet other service demands.

In this video, Ryan Oakes, Managing Director, Accenture, and Darrylyn Swift, Executive Director of Service Quality and Organizational Effectiveness at University of California, Berkeley, explain how quickly universities can see a payoff from the implementation of public sector shared services and manage the challenge of addressing change resistance among stakeholders. Discussions include:

  • Streamlining processes for efficiency and effectiveness

  • Growing shared services through extending services

  • Addressing change management and driving engagement

  • Launching a shared services center and implementing service lines

  • Dealing with key leadership challenges and the new opportunities faced in launching the shared services