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Secrets of successful digital supply chains

A small group of trendsetters is breaking away from the pack by doing digital differently.


Digital disruption is changing markets everywhere, and today a super-flexible supply chain is as critical as a super-efficient one. Digital is the key to that. And digital trendsetters—the top performers in terms of both profitability and revenue growth in a survey of 400 senior supply chain executives across 14 countries—have successfully combined all enabling technologies to drive superior performance. Coupled with their strategic focus, and the courage to collaborate openly with outsiders, their digital capabilities are helping to give them first-mover advantage in today’s on-demand economy.



Digital trendsetters look at things differently.

  • Think enterprise, not just supply chain.

    Trendsetters use digital to enhance existing business models and develop new ones. By taking this strategic approach, they have transcended traditional supply chain measures to drive value for the enterprise as a whole.

  • Enable a hyper-tailored customer experience.

    Hyper-tailored products and services require hyper-flexible capabilities. Trendsetters know that leveraging the full spectrum of digital technologies is key to enabling them. In fact, they outspend digital followers on digital 8:1 overall.

  • Never walk alone.

    Trendsetters leverage digital technologies to build new levels of collaboration—well beyond their four walls. They enable safe, swift and easy access to information for all stakeholders. And by engaging proactively across a broad and fluid ecosystem, they drive significant innovation.

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You, too, could respond differently to digital disruption and transform your supply chain into a driver of significant new value.

Reinvent your supply chain business case.

Preserve basic efficiencies—but examine how you could leverage digital to change your value proposition and enable growth at speed for the entire enterprise.

Rethink your operating model.

Scan your supply chain for digital enablement, and up your spending on the more sophisticated technologies.

Reimagine your ecosystem.

Leverage digital to access and share data, while managing cyber-security risk. Engage proactively with strategic partners, including digital start-ups, to help you jumpstart innovative, value-enhancing capabilities.

Gary Hanifan

Gary Hanifan

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy,
Operations Strategy
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 Stéphan Crosnier

Stéphan Crosnier

Managing Director – Accenture Strategy,
Operations Strategy

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Kris Timmermans

Kris Timmermans

Senior Managing Director – Accenture Strategy,
Operations Strategy
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