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Accenture ranked the leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

HfS Research highlights Accenture’s strong innovation and holistic strategy for intelligent automation.

RPA Leader

In December 2016, HfS Research published its 2016 RPA Premier League Table ranking Accenture number one in the Transformation Enablers category.

As part of its review, HfS analysts examined service providers’ RPA-centric strategies and deployments in two categories: Transformation Enablers and Automation Pure Plays. They found that, “Accenture is pushing the envelope on innovation while leveraging the transformational capabilities of its consulting division. Crucially, it is driving a holistic approach to Intelligent Automation by defining a spectrum of technologies that span RPA, virtual agents, natural language processing, machine learning, advanced analytics and other areas of artificial intelligence.”

The report called out the Accenture Robotics Solutions, our five-part solution that combines RPA with more advanced AI capabilities. The solution is modular and able to integrate the best technologies for each client, for example, by using Google or Facebook APIs when needed.



About the ranking

Building on and following up on the discussion of the inaugural Intelligent Automation Blueprint Report, this ranking assesses the competitive landscape of RPA service providers with a focus on implementation. While the Intelligent Automation Blueprint outlined the way in which service delivery at large is being innovated and disrupted by automation, the Premier League Table analyzes details of RPA-centric strategies and deployment.

“The leading providers are blending a holistic approach to automation with broad transformational capabilities. Top of the tree is Accenture who is complementing its consulting capabilities and a plethora of third party tools with its new proprietary Accenture Robotics Solution.”

Research Vice President, HfS Research