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Automation drives efficiency and growth in insurance

Part 1 in this automation technology series focuses on how insurers can accelerate the efficiency of data capture.

Data collection has been at the heart of insurance business processes since the birth of the industry. As insurers advance into the digital age and tackle the vagaries of reshaping business processes to increase success, they need to reevaluate how they access their data.

This report—the first in a three-part series on automation technology in insurance—explores how a man + machine approach can quickly, inexpensively and accurately provide the structured data needed for analytics-driven insights.

It shows how new technologies combine advanced machine computing and analytics with the contextual recognition powers of the human brain to accurately recognize printed and handwritten text and transform it to structured digital data. By embracing these offerings, digital insurers can eliminate the complexity and inefficiency associated with the process of creating a structured, digital data set.