Will the car become a mobile device on wheels?

In our increasingly connected world, automakers now have opportunities to develop an entirely new range of services for drivers and passengers

Luca Mentuccia, Senior Managing Director at Accenture

In today’s world, there are many trends changing the landscape of the automotive industry. Two of the most far-reaching are the electrical/ hybrid powertrain and the connected vehicle. Connected vehicles, I believe, will be one of the key catalysts of growth for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the future.

Only a couple of years ago, OEMs were managing their operations in a static ecosystem dominated by two key players—themselves and their suppliers. Today, because of the increasing need for consumer-focused (B2C) services, automakers are operating in a much more dynamic environment, one characterized by a completely different set of mobility and connectivity players including telecoms, navigation, telematics and infotainment operators.

In order to be successful in the future, OEMs need to operate differently to accommodate this changing environment and the individual needs of many different kinds of suppliers.

One of the characteristics of the new ecosystem, with its increasing number operators, is the growing opportunity to generate data. As more and more OEMs and suppliers collect data, there are increasing opportunities to apply analytics to generate new insights.

Therefore, OEMs are investing a lot of money in developing new technologies for gathering and managing data collection. As the connected vehicle services market continues to grow, I believe analytics will be one of the most powerful emerging technologies that OEMs should leverage to drive new growth.