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Everest group names Accenture a cloud application services leader

Everest Group ranks us as a  “Star Performer” based on the firm’s cloud application PEAK MatrixTM.


Cloud adoption is going mainstream, with enterprises looking to leverage the technology across the entire applications landscape.

By leveraging cloud applications, businesses gain opportunities for greater flexibility and scalability at reduced costs.

Adoption of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud computing principles are also driving a need for applications consulting and migration services, as enterprises navigate the challenges associated with integrating new solutions with legacy systems.

Service providers continue to ramp up capabilities, build scale and invest in developing and acquiring proprietary solutions to tap the cloud. They have also formed strategic alliances and partnerships to augment their cloud delivery capabilities.

Source: © Everest Global, Inc. Enterprise Cloud Application Services - PEAK Matrix™ Assessment and Profiles Compendium. November 2014. EGR-2014-4-R-1277.


Everest Group analyzed 19 IT providers, compiling comprehensive profiles of cloud services suites, scale of operations, domain investments and key partnerships.

The firm’s methodology is based on four “pillars of strength” – robust definitions and framework, primary sources of information, a diverse set of market touch points and fact-based research.

Everest Group’s analysis of the global cloud ecosystem revealed that system integrators form a critical part of the vendor landscape, bringing solution owners and enablers closer to buyers. The role of integrators becomes even more relevant when global enterprises with multiple, complex environments are involved.

Everest Group found an increasing focus among system integrators to extending across the cloud application services “stack” (for example, consulting, building, deploying and managing).

Analysis & Key Findings

Everest Group identified Accenture as a “Star Performer” in cloud application services, saying it “noticeably enhanced” its market standing and made improvements over the previous year, including:

  • An increase of 70 percent in Accenture’s SaaS workforce, to more than 3,500 employees.

  • Strong partnerships with multiple cloud partners and significant investments in developing assessment tools and accelerators to improve cloud service delivery.

Accenture “leverages its consulting and system integration capabilities to position itself as a leader in the cloud application services space,” Everest Group said in the report.

Also, “Accenture looks to ‘own’ the complete spectrum of cloud services and act as the single point of contact and orchestrator for cloud solutions from different technology providers,” Everest Group said. Accenture “is one of the leading system integrators for multiple industry-standard cloud platforms and has made significant investments to build SaaS capabilities,” the report continued. “This, along with existing consulting strengths, makes Accenture a strong cloud partner for enterprises.”

Everest Group also noted Accenture’s partnerships with multiple cloud platform providers, including Amazon, Microsoft Azure, Google AppEngine, and SAP.

In early 2014,