Managing billions of pieces of content in today’s world is exciting and challenging. AI is a critical tool that will enable companies to continue scaling at speed.

Many companies are however uncertain about how to proceed in this quickly evolving space. Knowing the available technology, understanding which capabilities are appropriate, and choosing a vendor can be challenging. By following a logical three-step approach, companies can build an automation roadmap that helps them run efficient content operations and meet increasing customer demands.

Step 1: Understanding the context for wanting to invest
What’s really driving our need to automate? Have we built a sufficient business case for the investment?

Step 2: Identifying the best place(s) to deploy automation within current operations
Have we prepared an operational scorecard on our current operations? Do we know how this assessment may shift in the near term? Have we identified and agreed on near-term task priorities for automation?

Step 3: Choosing the best method of deployment
Have we considered all of the viable paths forward in deploying a solution? Have we conducted a clear assessment of choices, and arrived at an agreed path forward?

Accenture’s deep technical and industry knowledge allows us to advise the world’s largest companies on the most effective ways to deploy AI and layer it into operations to scale with speed. If your client is struggling to meet the scale challenge, the time is right to develop a clear plan for AI.

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Kevin Collins

Managing Director – Software & Platforms, Innovation & Offerings, Global

Martin Stoddart

Principal Director – Software & Platforms


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