Dr. Roze Phillips

Managing Director - Accenture Consulting, South Africa

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Dr. Roze Phillips is managing director of Accenture's Products industry group in South Africa, West Africa and East Africa, with special responsibility for Consumer Goods & Services. “Our team of professionals helps Accenture’s local clients improve their businesses by tailoring offerings from strategy to outsourcing and bringing to bear all that Accenture has to offer,” Roze says. “No matter what the economic circumstances—when it comes to helping companies achieve high performance there is always enormous potential.”

Roze believes that local companies need to find new avenues of growth—and that expansion into new local and regional consumer segments offers great opportunities. Overall, she is enthusiastic about the potential that Africa offers to her clients. “Having travelled and worked with clients in Africa, I can attest to the immense potential that exists. I am very excited about the future of our continent,” she says.

With that said, Roze does not underestimate the challenges facing the continent or those wanting to do business there. Finding and retaining skills is a major hurdle—in fact, Accenture research indicates that competition for skills will define global markets in the future. “No matter what the business, the challenge is finding and then retaining talent,” Roze says.

In her view, Accenture has a significant role in helping clients rise to the talent challenge. “We can provide the subject or market specialists to help identify innovations that drive growth and reduce costs. In addition, our extensive outsourcing organisation can assume responsibility for a range of business processes, thus freeing the client’s talent to focus on strategic tasks.”

Roze joined Accenture’s strategy practice in 1999, having previously worked as a researcher, doctor and specialist in medicine. Aside from her medical degree, she also holds a master’s degree in business administration. She says the diagnostic and problem-solving skills acquired in her medical training have served her well in the business world.

Roze is a champion for transformation strategies that foster empowerment in the workplace and beyond. “The diversity of our people is part of what makes Accenture exceptional. Individuals of diverse talents and backgrounds, unified by our core values and common methodologies, position Accenture to deliver high performance for our clients,” she explains.

Roze serves on the Accenture board of directors in South Africa, as well as the boards of Enablis East Africa (an organisation working to support and enable entrepreneurship) and the Akha Black Economic Empowerment Trust, which owns 30 percent of Accenture South Africa.