Accenture shortlists finalists for the Innovation Index


JOHANNESBURG; Sep. 26, 2017 – In today’s digitally disrupted world, innovation is vital. Well-established companies – and even entire industries – are being left in the dust by fast-moving digital mavericks. These forward thinkers are not only shaking up traditional business models and value propositions, but are engaging with customers in brand new ways. They understand that innovation acts as a catalyst – it both drives the development of new products and services and can power entire economies’ competitive edges.

Looking to recognise the innovation of all companies in South Africa, Accenture established its annual Innovation Index three years ago. The Index not only provides an in-depth analysis of the country’s current state of innovation, but rewards its most dynamic and forward-thinking businesses – those innovative market players who are disrupting and remaking their industries.

“Successful companies are finding ways to embed innovation – to allow ideas and the decision-making process to flow in a far better way,” noted Innovation Lead at Accenture Rory Moore, when speaking about the Index and upcoming conference to be held on 17 October 2017. “That state of innovation flow separates the leaders from the laggards.”

“Everybody talks about innovation … but many are not investing in innovation as much as they should be. We’ve seen over successive business cycles – and this has particular relevance for a market like South Africa currently – that the firms that maintain their R&D investment through difficult times leapfrog their competitors when the market turns. This can mean greater market share or enhanced profitability – there’s merit in the madness.”

Master Innovation finalists for businesses under R35 million in turnover are as follows:

  • BioEx Tech
  • Bramhope Group
  • HearX

Master Innovation finalists for businesses above R35 million in turnover are as follows:

  • Purple Group
  • FNB
  • InterGreatMe

The Innovation Concept finalists for the Emerging Enterprise category are:

  • ColonyLive, run by CEO and founder Marco Broccardo. Concept: Radio engagement engine ColonyLive.
  • Thisisme, led by David Thomas (Head of Product) and Juan Furmie (COO). Concept: Fast FICA.
  • Solar Turtle, backed by James van der Walt (CEO), Lungelwa Tyali (COO) and Charlene Barnes. Concept: Solar Turtle – outlets offering solar battery charging stations and micro-grid connections for powering local schools and businesses.

The Innovation Concept finalists for the Small Enterprise category are:

  • HearX, a local business headed by Nic Klopper, CEO, focused on providing affordable access to hearing care using digital. Concept: HearScreen TX.
  • CrashDetech, run by entrepreneur Jaco Gerrits. Concept: CrashDetech, a smartphone app that automatically detects serious vehicle crashes, reduces emergency response times and provides vital patient information.
  • Bramhope Group, headed by entrepreneur Isak Marais. Concept: Bramhope International School of Innovation (BISI).

The Innovation Concept finalists for the Medium Enterprise category are:

  • MWC Project Control Services, headed by director and founder Willie Viljoen. Concept: project controls based on earned value management principles.
  • SSG Consulting, headed by Stephen Golding. Concept: Key360 app.
  • Communex Technologies, a new-age technology and communications solutions company. Concept: Medical aid self-help kiosk.

The Innovation Concept finalists for the Large Enterprise category are:

  • Intergreatme, headed by co-founders Luke Dominique Warner (CEO), Dewald Thiart (COO) and James Peter Lawson (CTO). Concept: risk-based KYC and remote onboarding processes.
  • FNB (represented by Jolande Duvenage. Concepts: Connect and Navv>> Home products.

2016 Winners, participating in the 2017 Accenture Innovation Index process, include Purple Group (Top Concept for a Medium Enterprise), Standard Microgrid (Top Concept for an Emerging Enterprise), ColonyHQ (Overall Innovation Master for businesses under R35 million in turnover) and SSG Consulting (Overall Innovation Master for businesses over R35 million in turnover).

Winners of the 2017 awards will be announced at the Accenture Innovation Conference. The event will see the world’s leading innovators, outliers and disruptors converge on 17 October 2017.