Johannesburg - Pixel Entropy, a small enterprise that graduated from the Accenture Enterprise Supplier Development Programme (ESDP) in 2018, first made waves in 2016, when it developed the world-class PASOP mobile app for the Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH), continues to develop ground-breaking applications that change the way our people engage with the world.

Tebogo Mokobo, Chief Executive Officer of Pixel Entropy explains that when the enterprise was approved to join the Accenture ESDP in 2016, it was in a start-up phase and required assistance with elevating the business to the next stage of growth and converting its novel ideas into products that are ready to take to market.

“Accenture played a critical role in assisting Pixel Entropy with refining this mobile app for the GDoH. The app comprises three main features, namely: LEARN, ACT and TALK, which assist the department to have ongoing conversations with the residents of Gauteng on pressing health matters, including HIV/AIDS, TB, teenage pregnancy, sexual orientation prejudice and substance abuse. The application has been so successful, that the GDoH exhibited it as its flagship initiative at the 2016 International World AIDS Conference,” says Mokobo.

Since then, Pixel Entropy has also developed a funerals industry app that plays a critical role in formalising the industry, assisting undertakers and funeral homes to comply with all the relevant legislation and creating a funeral services directory.

“Currently, we are co-creating another pioneering digital solution with a Dubai based partner company, namely a Digital ID which has the potential to change service delivery to our people, irrevocably. It will enable users to immediately be recognised upon entry of a health institution, for example, where they will be able to grant permission for disclosure of the relevant information. “On the one hand, use of the Digital ID will reduce queuing times and eliminate the need for manual files and admission forms which can easily get lost. On the other hand, it will improve service delivery to patients through access to one single repository of accurate health information,” explains Mokobo. Pixel Entropy’s Digital ID solution is currently in a proof of concept stage with a major telecommunications service provider in our country and will be ready to go to market by early 2020.

Mokobo enthuses that much of Pixel Entropy’s success can be attributed to the Accenture ESDP. “One of the most valuable aspects of the programme for me, was having direct access to a mentor who has vast expertise in the technology space. Apart from gaining in-depth insights into the business landscape, some of the key lessons that I learnt from my mentor, was how to identify which business opportunities are viable to explore, how to optimise resources and ultimately how to sustain and grow a business,” he says about his participation in the programme.

Since Pixel Entropy graduated from the Accenture ESDP in 2018, the enterprise has selected as a development partner for the development of the SME Digital Ecosystem (SME-DE) platform, migrating them into a supplier. The SME-DE platform is an innovative digital ecosystem that fosters collaboration, development and growth of SMEs. “I believe that one of the main differentiators of this system, is that Pixel Entropy, was part of the development team, bringing an SME perspective to the table. It is thus a solution for SMEs, by SMEs, enthuses Mokobo.

As an Accenture supplier, Pixel Entropy continues to benefit from preferential payments, a factor that forms one of the six pillars of the Accenture ESDP. In practise, this means they receive payment within 10 days of submitting their invoices, which in turn has a positive effect on the cashflow of the business. “Other ways in which we have benefited from the Accenture ESDP, is through access to market, via partnership opportunities, business development and growth, mentorship, consulting and strategy, as well as skills transfer,” concludes Mokobo.

Zandile Njamela, Accenture Global SI&S and ESDP Lead comments that stories of enterprises like Pixel Entropy is testimony to the fact that Accenture stands for true transformation beyond mere compliance. “Essentially, we don’t just help grow SME businesses to satisfy ESD requirements; we partner with them and take them to market with us. In doing so, we tap into diversity, leveraging the innovation they bring in a rapidly transforming and increasingly disrupted digital environment, to our benefit and the benefit of South African businesses.”

The work of the Accenture ESDP is no doubt a major contributor to the fact that Accenture has just maintained their Level 1 B-BBEE status for FY2019, serendipitously coinciding with the commencement of their celebrations of 50 years of adding value to business in South Africa. “We are proud of having achieved our Level 1 B-BBEE status and performance, with a 135% procurement level, and top scores in all priority elements; black ownership, skills development, social investment, enterprise development and preferential procurement. As we celebrate our 50th year of operations in South Africa, we aim to do even more to unlock the abundant potential in South Africa’s youth and SMEs through our extensive initiatives and ecosystem collaborations to enhance the country’s socio-economic conditions,” concludes Njamela.

More about the accenture ESDP

As a global organisation, Accenture believe that it has a responsibility to engage proactively with the businesses in the communities in which it works. This is done through inclusive procurement practices and its ESDP which creates a more inclusive and empowered marketplace. It supports SME participants over a two-year period to grow their businesses through a blended, six-pillar approach, leveraging Accenture’s capabilities, resources and talent to provide tailored support for each SME. These six pillars are: training, business development support, access to market, mentoring, early payments and collaboration for high performance. More information on the Accenture ESDP can be found at:

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