Accenture Interactive wins Loeries gold


Accenture Interactive received its first Loerie Award on Sunday evening, winning gold in the Service Design category for its MMI Corporate & Public Sector: Re-imagining Workplace Living Services campaign.

“It’s hugely significant as it represents an agency shift with our customers looking for business outcomes and ROI,” says Wayne Hull, Managing Director at Accenture Digital & Interactive Africa. “This mirrors global trends and shows that Accenture Interactive in South Africa has the capabilities to both re-imagine the customer experience and deliver the business results.”

This award-winning work for the MMI Corporate & Public Sector: Re-imagining Workplace Living Services campaign is a prime example of how strategy, technology, and creativity combine to deliver a campaign that yields meaningful, measurable return on investment (ROI).

Accenture Interactive faced the challenge of simplifying employee benefits, including health and retirement, and explaining to employees who were members of Momentum’s employee benefit schemes the implications of cashing out their retirement savings on resignation.

While building a mobile app would have met the brief, based on extensive qualitative and quantitative research and the insights these data revealed regarding the real financial issues customers faced, Accenture Interactive went beyond the simple solution as they sought to redesign the resignation experience, simplify the process and change behaviour.

The team designed a Workplace Living Services platform to improve the customer experience and build ongoing customer relationships that would educate, connect, enable, guide and service employees across the entire employee lifecycle, from on-boarding to exiting employment, based on individual needs and personal preferences.

Hull explains that by transforming a paper-based process through digitisation, the team was able to hyper-personalise the user experience for employees. “Where they were previously entirely dependent on HR for support, by giving them access to relevant, comprehensible information through an intuitive digital process, we've been able to help them make the right decision at the right time.”

The solution had a profound impact, almost halving Momentum’s pension cash-out rate, and it grew preservation rates by significant multiples. In addition, the solution improved productivity by cutting the time HR teams spend on employee paperwork, and it has driven sustainable revenue for Momentum, helping it retain more of its funds and differentiating it from its competitors.

Hull believes that the Loerie award is recognition of the effectiveness of Accenture Interactive's value proposition, which has the power to transcend mere marketing to solve consequential business problems and deliver real ROI. “We will continue to help brands leverage technology to realise significant business value, and in so doing further disrupt the marketing and advertising industry status quo,” he concludes.