Client advisors at a global private bank were ready for an improved advisory experience. The bank set out to develop a new digital dashboard that would support the advisory process with notifications, alerts and a holistic view of each client.

The goals:

  • Improve the quality of advisor-client relationships.
  • Reduce time spent on daily processes.
  • Free client advisors to focus on high-value activities, including business development.


To address client advisor demand for an improved advisory experience, the bank set out to provide its client advisors with a new advisory solution that would offer a holistic view of their clients and a digital dashboard. Recognizing client advisors have a strategic role in managing client relationships, the bank wanted to help them focus on higher-added-value activities by providing innovative tools to support the advisory process.

Strategy and solution

To support the creation of the new digital advisory platform, Accenture brought in a small team with a broad mix of skills, including collaboration between business and IT on both Accenture and bank sides. The team maintained a prototyping design approach, working quickly to iterate design concepts with sketches and prototypes before translating the desired features into target architecture and providing a delivery roadmap.

With access to innovative tools that support the advisory process, advisors can focus on high-value activities.


Accenture’s approach helped to shorten the project timing considerably. Within two months, the team was able to define requirements, design a concept and deliver key components, including:

Live notifications and alerts

A holistic customer view page, including mandates, pending orders and historical communications

A personal dashboard focused on agenda planning and priorities management

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Client advisors reported time savings of more than 30 percent that they can dedicate to developing the bank’s business strategy. As well, the quality of their client relationship management has improved and the bank has enhanced data collection for future strategic planning.


time savings, reported by client advisors

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