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Quik Kung


Digital Business Integration Analyst


South Africa

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Digital Careers

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University of the Witwatersrand & University of Cape Town

What I Do

I am a Digital Business Integration Analyst, so what I do is integrate business with the new digital world. As part of Accenture Mobility, I am part of a team that helps clients integrate with the ever growing and changing digital mobile sphere, which includes mobile devices, apps and even the Internet of Things (IoT).

I am currently a programme manager for Mobility-as-a-Service. All aspects of mobile—from mobile apps to devices and functions—fall under the control of the project team. Together, we manage, develop and test all applications within the client’s business, a large South African energy and chemicals company.

My team’s role is to envision and create mobile applications that benefit the business as well as add value to employees, enhancing their lifestyles. Through these solutions we help the client create a more efficient workspace by, for example, extending the reach of business functions beyond the office. As a mobile team, we also aim to control all mobile applications in the business, ensuring that all mobile platforms used within the business fit into its broader mobile strategy.

Day-to-day, I work closely with the client, my mobility team and the Accenture offshore network to deliver all internal application functions. We also continually explore new and innovative ways in which mobile technology can be used to service and benefit our client.

Day in my Life

In the world of consulting, no day is ever the same; there are some constants though. I typically start off my day by recapping what the team did the previous day and identifying what is still outstanding. This is followed by a check on my email to catch up on any changes or immediate action items. Depending on the project, we may have a daily stand up (for Agile projects) to plan our day ahead and to address any issues that may have arisen.

Once the initial project assessment and planning items are completed, I arrange and plan my day according to the action items identified, and will manage expectations in terms of what can and can’t be achieved. As a programme and project manager, I also help out with the testing and co-ordination of all the functions on the various applications, helping to take them to completion.

I usually end my day with a recap of what was completed and what still needs to be done. It is important to keep track of what you have and have not done to provide clarity to the team.

For me, the best part of my day is the time spent collaborating with my team to resolve problems. I particularly enjoy team work and the social aspect of Accenture. I find the process and the way the various elements come together—from the way in which a team is structured to the role each person plays and how we work towards a solution as a team—extremely satisfying.

Outside the Office

At Accenture, maintaining a good work life balance is vital. Accenture is a high performance company and our clients expect us to deliver well consistently. For individuals this can translate into tough and demanding work schedules, which requires careful self-management. For me, maintaining a balance means finding time outside the office to be active. I enjoy doing Olympic weightlifting as well as CrossFit. I also involve myself in lots of outdoor activities. I particularly relish a good adrenaline rush.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling and spend a lot of time exploring my next destination and next adventure. I recently spent time in St. Charles in Illinois on a training programme and enjoyed meeting Accenture people from all over the world. Singapore, Shanghai, Thailand and South America are currently all on my ‘to do’ list.

When I am not on a plane or on a road trip to some unknown place, you will find me at home reading or at a market eating and buying the weirdest and most wonderful things I can find.

My Advice

My advice to any Accenture employee would be to have the courage to take on things outside of your comfort zone. This may appear risky, but the best part of working at Accenture is that everyone is eager to help you succeed. By stepping outside of your comfort zone, you can experience and learn new things. At Accenture, all it requires is reaching out to someone in your project team or even in the global network.

The advice given to all Accenture employees, and the one piece of advice that I will never forget is: “Ask for help; and help when asked”. This piece of advice echoes throughout the entire company—there is always someone that is willing to take the time to help you.