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Carmen Whateley


Managing Director, Mobility


South Africa

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Digital Careers

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Wits University (currently completing Masters)
"Be crystal clear on your choice of North Star for your life overall—across your work, your family and your personal space. This way, every day will be filled with the things you love, and your joy on Monday morning will equal your joy on Saturday morning!"

What I Do

I am the Managing Director of the South African Mobility practice, a capability that enables business clients to embrace digital transformation through the adoption of connected devices and platforms. I ensure that the South African mobility practice can meet clients’ needs, and is able to bring new capabilities, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected products, to the market. To do this, I stay on top of new technology trends, bringing insight into their known and potential impact on business and the broader business environment to my team. I also drive the exploration of new business applications for digital solutions, leveraging the powerful global knowledge network within Accenture and its global client base.

I am also Digital Lead for Accenture’s Financial Services practice. This role encompasses all aspects of Digital, namely Interactive, Analytics and Mobility, as they can be applied to optimise and transform financial service organisations. In this role I help clients take their businesses to the next level by embracing digital models. I find it satisfying to be able to strategise, design and develop these solutions, as well as be involved in their implementation.

Day in my Life

My typical day at Accenture is a combination of creating, learning, innovating and understanding client needs. On any one day I may spend time applying my knowledge and experience to shape a solution that addresses a client need, learning about exciting new digital solutions and developments around the world, brainstorming out-of-the-box concepts and talking to clients about their needs.

I start my day by confirming what I wish to achieve on that day, and then reviewing and updating my calendar to ensure that it is aligned. The people and teams I work with are filled with energy and passion for their work, which makes for a stimulating environment. I am energised by connecting with clients or colleagues, discussing a new concept or approach to the world of business—usually drawing pictures as we devise wonderful new solutions.

Outside the Office

At the moment I am completing my Master’s thesis, so outside the office simply means “inside the books”. My thesis considers how Executive Coaching can increase the likelihood of executives experiencing ‘flow’ at work. Flow is that personal feeling you get when you are totally immersed in an activity, you lose track of time and it is enjoyable. Since it has been proven that flow at work has numerous positive and sustainable benefits to people and organisations, I am passionate about finding ways to foster its creation.

I am also a golfer and a movie buff, and have high expectations to, at the end of 2016, return to a life outside the office that encompasses not just quality family time but luscious green golf courses and intimate, dark movie houses. What will continue is my avid reading of any literature on positive psychology, happiness at work and coaching.

My Advice

Be crystal clear on your choice of North Star for your life overall, across your work, your family and your personal space. Let this guide any decisions you make on the type of work you do, how you spend your spare time and how you prepare for the future. This way, every day will be filled with the things you love, and your joy on Monday morning will equal your joy on Saturday morning!