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Accenture Digital Distribution Solution

Connecting anything digital. Anywhere. Everywhere.




The Accenture Digital Distribution Solution provides companies with an agile, scalable and customizable platform to securely capture, ingest, adapt, manage and distribute content across multiple applications, industries, channels and devices.

Through this solution, Accenture is helping companies connect content and digital assets to intelligent objects, creating new experiences, and improving the way the world works and lives.

The Accenture Digital Distribution Solution enables clients to intelligently, rapidly and cost-effectively distribute content and data to connected consumers, devices and retailers. Applications for the solution are as elastic as your imagination, with current use cases that include: wearable devices, digital music, connected workers, digital fashion, e-books, drones, 3D printing and more.

Accenture Digital Distribution Solution distributes any type of digital content securely

  • To any device, in any country, connecting multiple fragmented end-points

  • To end users across any channel, application or industry, based on complex business rules

  • And can support virtually any use case through its open API design

Connected Workforce



An end-to-end solution built on top of Accenture Digital Distribution Solution

Connected Workforce: Most processes within industrial production require workers to reference physical manuals. However, when operating on the factory floor, consulting documentation does not support hands-free enterprise or real time feedback or support. What's more, the content is typically static and requires time intensive updates.

Accenture is helping workers at a large global energy company convert static procedures into more effective, step-by-step, multimedia facilitated procedures—enabling real-time feedback and more accurate (digitally updatable) documentation. Watch the video to learn more.


Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution


Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution

To quickly meet consumer demand for flexible consumption, Accenture Digital Distribution Solution includes an on-demand transcoding offering that is a cloud based media processing service. It aims to ingest the content from any source, adapt it in any format and deliver it to any target location, for any device type (web, mobile, OTT, etc.). With benefits like competitiveness, transparency and agility, Accenture Digital On-Demand Transcoding Solution is available for all media content owners.

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