About Devashni

Devashni Murugan is the Integrated Marketing and Communications Director for Accenture in Africa. She sets and shapes the marketing and communications strategy of the local Accenture practice, reaching across offerings and industries to engage fully with all Accenture’s stakeholders, as the company positions itself to drive progress in this growth market.

With over 18 years’ experience, Devashni guides multi-disciplinary, cross-functional and global marketing and communications teams as they engage internally and externally to drive brand awareness, articulate thought leadership, refine offerings for the local market, and build relationships with Accenture’s people, partners and clients.

Devashni is at home in and energised by the intense and dynamically shifting world of marketing. She has helped design, lead, and successfully deliver fully integrated marketing and communications plans for financial and professional services firms.

In a world that will be redefined by immersive, interactive, and instant communication with all stakeholders, Devashni believes tomorrow will be led by companies that live their brand truth.

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